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Best PayPal Payment gateway for PrestaShop Store

by Franklin Robert November 09, 2016
Prestashop has come up with many modules to help the merchants in the eCommerce world.

7 HTML5 Animation Tools For Creating Appealing Website Designs

by Stella Miller September 23, 2016
Check out the list of some modern animation tools that engage in developing an appealing website by effectively using HTML5.

Building A Website For Beginners: First Steps

by Nikolay Peshev September 22, 2016
Choosing a domain name, hosting provider, website design, content are among the key factors for a proper online presence.

Best Web Designing Tips for SEO Friendly Website

by Jitesh Jit Manaktala March 09, 2016
What is a good website? Well, at first it should be searched out easily by your visitors. Next comes the attraction factor and retaining potential customers. A modern day well constructed website is more than just visual appeal. It should be search engine friendly.

Social Sign-On and Its Benefits

by Gloria john February 24, 2016
Social sign-on are very important for any online business. It is beneficial for both users and for marketers.

What is Mobile App and What are its Pros and Cons

by Anurag Agrawal February 11, 2016
Nowadays 90% of peoples are using Smartphoneís and also using lots of apps on their device. Every business owner wants a mobile app for their business to improve branding and awareness of their products. But, still many of them, who wants an mobile app for their business but they donít know what mobile app is and how to implement it.

When Big Data and Mobility Cross Paths

by Andrea Taylor January 28, 2016
Global smartphone subscriptions have reached 2.6 billion as of 2014 (as referenced in the Ericsson Mobility Report for 2015).

Six UX Tips That Should Be Remembered

by Victor Terekhovskyi January 27, 2016
Every good web designer knows that his work lies in constant trying to ensure an impressive user experience (UX) and encourage users to achieve their goals. Today, there are so many modern trends focused mostly on providing an astonishing design for webpages and applications. However, in order to impress users with these tendencies, itís so easy to make a big mistake and concentrate on innovations without thinking of proper UX.

Change the Direction with Web Design for 2016

by Jitendra Raulo January 26, 2016
Design, pattern, color scheme and many other factors make or break the popularity and appeal of a web page. Whether itís a new or redesigned one these dominant factors rule the roost but what keeps changing is the trend. The New Year should usher in its own tide of a fresh approach to make the world of web designing more exciting. Last yearís trends remain and most of what will be constructed in Web Design 2016 will revolve around responsive designs and better mobile experience. Read on for the possible trends of the New Year.

Using Mobile Marketing To Improve Your Business's Visibility

by Kapsystem kapsystem kapsystem January 15, 2016
With the mobile marketing tips and tricks in this article, you are sure to discover new opportunities to capitalize on this exciting new prospect in technology and sales.

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