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6 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion

by Alina Kemakh January 25, 2017
Conversion rate optimization can acquire more customers, increase revenue per visitor and grow your business. Here are some ways that can improve mobile app conversion.

Can You Sustain Your Business with Right Social Media Campaign?

by Sophia Addison January 12, 2017
Most companies are taking to social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and YouTube – to hone their online presence and talk about sustainabilitythan ever before. Social media campaigns have; therefore, attracted much attention from businesses that want to engage their audiences, get new ideas and active dialogue with the stakeholders that are hard to reach in the world outside the internet.

Why Businesses Should Be Millennial-targeted In 2017

by Jennifer Warren December 14, 2016
Businesses owners know how times have changed. The millennial community is ruling the roost whether that concerns a retailer or an e-commerce portal, a travel business or a finance firm. 58%of the employees in any institute belong to the millennial age group and 74% of customers of any business are millennials.

How Social Media Helps Small Businesses Expand Their Reach

by Nancy Verdi December 13, 2016
As the technology world around us evolves, being in the know can only help to better your business sales and growth. We have all heard the expression “get with the times!” And that saying speaks to no market as powerfully as it does with the ever changing social media platforms that have us all tuned into our mobile devices on a frequent basis.

Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads

by Jasmine Demeester December 09, 2016
Running an online business is pretty tough and you can’t teach that. If it were anything like the greener days, newer companies could have had a better chance at standing out. It’s just not that simple anymore.

5 Easiest-to-use Team Meeting Apps

by Steve Dosan November 29, 2016
Which meeting app to choose for your team among the several products available on the market? Simplicity and reliability are the two leading criteria to stick to, as nobody likes a tool too complicated or so full of technical issues that it is necessary to call the support every moment. To help you, here comes a selection of 5 best products.

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

by Go Global November 16, 2016
Hyperlocal means your local community. Marketing a product in that area is hyperlocal marketing.

15 Best Ways for Collecting Customer Feedback for Small Business

by Samantha Brannon November 04, 2016
Small business can use different tools to collect customer feedback. Knowing what a customer thinks, could benefit the businesses operations. They can use the feedback to decide on various strategies that can improve their business.

Top Facebook Groups to Join

by Jack Paxton October 17, 2016
This is a list of top Facebook groups to join by category: Growth Hacking, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Instagram - Your Magic Wand of Marketing

by Peter Charles Gregory October 03, 2016
Business marketing tips on how to get, maintain and grow your Instagram presense, whether big or small

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