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Top 10 SEO Mistakes That Could Cost You A Fortune
September 10, 2009
Sometimes the business owners make some mistakes that are easily avoidable and can be very harmful for SEO. Read on to find out 10 of the most common and silly mistakes that are repeated again and again in search engine optimization.

Natural Search Domination: Your SEO Solution
September 09, 2009
Natural search domination happens when your website is optimized to be more "friendly and trusted" by the major search engines. The outcome of this optimization is better visibility in their search results when the "key words" related to your website are searched for by your prospects. Natural search domination is often difficult to achieve unless you have a specific strategy and plan of attack, but it basically boils down to two words "relevancy" and "back links". Search engines always strive to deliver their users the best possible results (relevancy) when a prospect searches for something. Search engines also view back links as a sign of relevancy and trust since they assume that more users your site and create back link, that the better content you are delivering on your website. Visualize natural search domination as a pyramid. On the three corners you have 1) Website SEO, 2) Content, and 3) Trust. In order to dominate the natural search results, you must do a great job with all three of these cornerstones since they are so closely related. First, let's consider your website SEO. The way your website's title, headers, description, tags and images are labeled and structured plays a huge role in how search engines read your website. There are many "tricks of the trade" that most website developers don't know or are not using when setting up your website. This can have a extremely harmful affect when it comes to natural search domination. Secondly, is your website content. The quality and uniqueness of the content you have plays a very important role when it comes to natural search domination and one of the easiest ways to add fresh and distinct content is to have a blog and use blog marketing And last, is trust. The trust your website has is mainly measured by the number of back links pointing to your site. A website with good trust in the search engines needs to have a steady stream of new incoming links, from relevant and natural sources. With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as video viewing sites such as YouTube, social media marketing can help you build trust and back links much faster than ever before. As you can see, you must have a systematic plan in order to dominate the natural search results. You need to have a methodically developed natural search formula that will put your website at the top of the natural search results within weeks, not years.

Top 10 Online Business Marketing Mistakes
September 02, 2009
Before starting up any kind of business, one must set up a plan to earn more than we spend and avoid mistakes along the way. Here are a few internet marketing mistakes that you should watch out for and avoid: 1. Making viewers wait. Don't regret paying more for a hostile package that could bring you to people fast. If your website is constantly down, your server is slow, your graphics take two minutes load, you can say goodbye to your potential customers. 2. Technical arrogance. Never assume that everyone has the latest version of a program to view your site. Always have plain HTML and text versions ready for these users who do not have Macromedia's flash installed. Also, take notes from successful sites. Outsource to a pro for SEO writing, web design, and programming to invest in a good template for your site if you're not that confident on your technical prowess. 3. Not marketing offline. Complement online traffic to your site by marketing offline as well, because no one is online all the time. 4. Not remaining timely. If you want to attract customers, you need to be updated on recent and upcoming events that are relevant to your site. If you've got marketing materials on your site about Memorial Day special and it's June 15th, you're losing customers. 5. Poor linkages. Focus on building long-term passive traffic rather than bulk traffic packages or trying traffic gimmicks. However, be very careful with whom you align yourself. Some companies operate co-registration and affiliate programs that violate the CAN-SPAM act and other rules and regulations. Check out any company that offers you anything , especially those who offer you anything that's quick and easy. 6. Giving users the third degree. Signing up for newsletters or making purchases should be easy for your customers. Avoid making them go through a number of links or asking too many questions before complete tasks. You loose 10-15 percent of your potential customers for each question you ask them. 7. Not using viral marketing. Let your customers create 'buzzwords' for you through simple 'forward to a friend' links or 'two for one offers' or offline marketing on t-shirts and other accessories that your customers can wear. Viral marketing or 'word of mouth' (in offline marketing lingo) could create an exponential growth of your site's visibility by spreading from customer to customer and then business to business. 8. Resorting to cheap gimmicks. Some marketers resort to goofy and even phony campaigns just to gain brand exposure. These could be entertaining and even viral but sometimes those could backfire because they are irrelevant to the customers and sometimes even to your product or service. Provide something that convert to sales and not just to generate shock or surprise. Connect with your buyers in a positive way by providing products and services that are worth talking about. Associate your site with quality rather than gimmicks and you'll have customers coming back. 9. Not collecting email addresses. This is not the same as spamming email addresses because unlike spamming, you ask for your customer's permission to send them your newsletters and other updates to your site. Remember that spamming could cost you because fines could be very heavy when you are found to be in violation of CAN-SPAM laws. By collection email addresses, you maintain your target audience and your potential market. 10. Mistaking Traffic for Results. Only because a lot of people seem to be clicking on your ad doesn't mean that they are buying. Remember that some sites actually buy traffic just to maintain top-line business. But if these people aren't buying, how do you expect to even earn off it? Continuously paying for this traffic can be expensive. On the other hand, just because you have enough traffic, it does not also mean that your income is guaranteed for the next months to come. What you should really focus on is, how much of this traffic actually converts to sales? Everyday is a challenge to offer something that your client really needs, to persuade them that they need what you're offering and that you are offering the best of what they need. Online customers actually know what they want, so it is up to your to tell them that what they want is what you are offering.

Top 10 Reasons Online Marketing Fails And What You Can Do About It
August 31, 2009
There are many reasons why online marketing fails. It is crucial to decipher the chief reasons. Online marketing helps you to build a successful internet business at the same time it also aids in building a brand. But if wrong online marketing strategies are applied then your internet business can fail. Let us take a look at the top 10 reasons why online marketing fails: 1) Not incorporating new techniques This is a foremost out of the top 10 reasons online marketing fails. You must understand that using SEO, Digg, Lenses, Mixx, Hubpages, E-zine or anything related to Web 2.0 technique will get you required success. However, some online business owners ignore it and stick with the outdated techniques that result in no results. 2) Not taking your work seriously It is essential that you don't treat your internet business like a hobby. When you are in a direct sales business or any internet business commitment is a necessity. You cannot compromise on commitment and ignore putting in efforts. You need to constantly plan new goals and complete them within time. 3) Not building a relationship with consumers, jumping to make sales Forcing your readers will not make them your consumers. If you need to get subscribers to your mailing list or e-zines then provide required and accurate information. Always be available to answer their queries. The most common mistake that the online business owners make is of forcing their viewers. People hate any kind of compulsion. If they are reading your content then they need authentic information and removal of their doubts. Instead of resolving their doubts if you try to force your products upon them then you will get a negative response. 4) Not putting in hard work, wanting fast success Many people start or join a direct sales business looking out for easy money. There is no such thing as free lunch therefore, there is no such thing as free money. Hence, effortless online marketing won't fetch any positive results. 5) Not having your own domain name You need to get your own domain name. Getting a free domain name that is by becoming a member of a web hosting service won't give the same benefits as owning your own domain name will. People refrain from purchasing their own domain name due to high costs. However, cheaper domains are becoming available day by day. Getting a monthly scheme will also prove to be beneficial for the beginners. So, buy your own domain name as it will help you to build your own identity. This domain name will become your brand name in a certain period of time. Having your own domain name will give you a permanent place on the internet acting as your internet office. 6) Not having a user-friendly website You must have an easy to understand, uncomplicated and simple website. This is the real key to success. Many times online marketing fails because of disorganized websites. A website that is crowded with products, having too many pop-ups and imperfect instructions is a bad website. People need a user friendly website that interacts with people and looks hassle free. Simplicity will gain trust easily rather than too many sales elements. 7) Not following your subscribers or consumers Somebody brought a product from you or subscribed to your newsletter or emails and you didn't even bother to follow-up. Is this the way to generate sales? No, it isn't. ''Who cares,'' attitude is not for internet business or for that matter any business that demands growth. As online business owners you MUST maintain a special relation with their subscribers or clients. More healthy relationship will yield high success. 8) Not having your own e-zine or newsletter You don't have your own e-zine or e- magazine. Then you have a strong reason for the failure of your online marketing strategy. If you are afraid of writing then you can get many writers who will give good quality articles for free. You can also hire paid writers for good quality newsletters. 9) No Secure Ordering pages. Non-investment will give you no gains. Lack of efforts is a one of the essential reasons online marketing fails. You must have secure ordering pages for people who wish to place the order. It is the convenient option. Other than this, it gives an authentic look to your website. There are some internet sites that provide free secure ordering pages. 10) No content on the website This is a very frequent mistake that most online business owners make. When readers rush to a site feeling excited, they find nothing on the site. It frustrates people and they don't wish to see the site anytime in the future. In this way, you lose out on prospective customers.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Online Marketing Dominates Traditional Advertising
August 28, 2009
Online marketing has become the most successful method of advertising for any kind of business on the planet during the last decade. It is lightning fast and can promote your business to thousands of potential customers daily. As marketing is a primary factor for a long and successful business, the internet facilitates this process in a way that will ensure the maximum exposure to what you are offering. Traditional marketing is becoming more expensive and slower to produce results. It also requires much more time and effort. It often has to be done by many employees and is restricted by many barriers and regulations which make it hard to get the most beneficial results. Then along comes the internet as it makes the entire globe seem like a short alley rather than a large city where you can reach customers overseas in a matter of seconds. Online marketing is superior to traditional ways of marketing in almost every aspect, and here we list the top 10 reasons online marketing dominates traditional advertising. 1. SPEED Email marketing campaigns are fast, targeted, cost-effective, highly efficient method of marketing your business. They reach a lot of customers in the shortest time. Traditional mail marketing can take months and a lot of money and effort to generate results. 2. GEOGRAPHICAL RESTRICTIONS The whole globe can be your customer base when you are marketing your business online, as the internet reaches almost every house on the planet. On the other hand, you are often restricted to local customers from a smaller geographical area when you market offline. 3. MARKETING EFFECTS Online marketing is based on pull marketing effects, which means that online customers come across your website when they are looking for similar products of yours. While offline marketing is based on push marketing effects, which means you have to introduce your business to every single customer that come into your location. 4. SALES PROCESS When your business is marketing online, you can make a sale in a matter of seconds; where the customer chooses what product or services they wise to buy, they move to the check out page, pays for the product or services on a secure page, and then receives their purchase. Offline advertising is very different as the selling process is very complex and requires a lot of effort and persuasion and sometimes can't be completed after all. 5. HOURS OF OPERATION Your website is self-managed and requires you only to make few changes, and after that it can operate non-stop and can be selling products or services while you are sleeping. Offline stores are restricted to the human active times, this means you open in the morning and close in the evening and you can't make a sale while you are closed. In other words, the offline selling process has a shorter sales life than the online one. 6. COST OF MEDIA If you want to make a commercial on TV or radio or a newspaper, you will pay a fortune. While online marketing allows you to make a short video or audio commercial and submit it thousands of media communities and it will cost you next to nothing. 7. LIMITED ADVERTISING LIFE SPAN When you post an ad online about your business or website, with an article for example, it can be online forever and the place where the ad occupies will be untouched for a long time. On the other hand, offline ads can be only active for an agreed-upon period of time and then it will be replaced. 8. COST PER CUSTOMER These costs are reasonably low with online marketing but relatively high with offline forms of advertising. They are simply the costs incurred to generate potential customers for the business. 9. CUSTOMER SUPPORT With one email you can solve all your customer problems and concerns. This process is much more time consuming and require more effort offline. 10. ONGOING MARKETING INFORMATION It is very easy and only takes a few seconds to collect all the information and data about every aspect of your business when you market online. Offline information and data are stored within piles of documents, where it requires a squad of employees to collect the required information. As you can clearly see, online marketing is far superior to traditional forms of marketing. Online marketing is all about saving you money, time, and effort; yet brings you the required results you seek and most of the time exceeds your expectations.

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