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Carrie Marie Haggerty

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Link Development: What Everyone Ought to Know.
November 16, 2009
Tips on where to start when you are thinking of starting your linking campaign. Ideas on what to look for, how to approach and where to go to find your best linking partners.

Corporate blogs
February 29, 2008
How to use blogging as an asset in your search engine optimization campaign. When you build a blog it adds the potential for content and link development.

The Meta Tag Question
February 12, 2008
I give a personal opinion on what I believe meta tags are good for since they have been devalued slowly over the last 10 years.

Web Design & SEO
February 06, 2008
Have you ever wondered why there are some pretty questionable looking sites on the first page, search engines only look at the code, not the design, but your visitors will not stay if you have a site they can't figure out. Some tips on how to keep your visitors on your site and implement your SEO campaign properly.

SEO From the Beginning
October 24, 2007
Basic steps in starting a new website from scratch and how to apply SEO from the beginning of your business venture.

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