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Using social media to market to Generation Y
February 02, 2009
Remember years ago when companies would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting information about their demographics? Well, if the demographics you're targeting happens to include the Gen-Y group (those born between 1980 and 1995) - you're in luck! Why? Because they've pretty much grown up with the Internet and have been participating in the growth of the Internet their entire lives. So, what they do, what they like, who they know, etc. is all recorded, on the Internet.

Increasing Traffic By Knowing Your Audience
January 26, 2009
Knowing what your audience wants and then being able to provide it to them with this extremely low cost method of marketing (internet marketing) is the best way to bring people to your website and / or your blog.

WhiteHouse.gov Officially Becomes PART of President Obama's Administration
January 22, 2009
Just another sign that 2009 will be the year the Internet finally comes to it's own with businesses of all sizes - President Obama has changed WhiteHouse.gov to make it easier for Americans to participate in the governing of their country.

The Benefits of Social Media on Website Traffic
January 21, 2009
Social media has changed the Internet and the way we all do business. But is it really working? Does it really help us? Check out our numbers and stats and see the benefits that social media is having on these websites.

Some New Internet Programs You Might Be Interested In
January 13, 2009
Some new Internet programs and gadgets that may make life easier and more productive for you!

What Keyword Phrases Are Your Audience Typing In?
January 08, 2009
Knowing what your audience is looking for and then giving it to them is the single most important element and the utmost basic element in SEO.

Internet Marketing Tips and Predictions for 2009
January 06, 2009
Some thoughts, ideas, predictions for Internet marketing in 2009. Are you ready?

Impact of Social Media on SEO
January 02, 2009
The benefits of social media on SEO are enormous. With millions of people across the globe banding together - social media is a natural way for companies to jump into those groups and join them!

2009 Will Be All About Diversifying
December 23, 2008
The number of people in your target audience that will be spending money in 2009 has decreased. So, what can you do? You can increase your target audience! Here are 4 "out of the box" ideas that can help you start thinking about divirsifying your business.

SEO Tips For Web Design
December 11, 2008
Web designers can incorporate these seo tips into their web design projects and reap the benefits for themselves and for their clients.

Daily SEO Work
November 11, 2008
Just a sample of what goes on during a typical work day for a search engine optimizer.

How Google Lists Sites
November 03, 2008
How Google lists sites and how that impacts your ranking and your bottom line.

Does Your Website Have Goals?
October 30, 2008
If your website does not have specific, measurable goals then you are losing one of the most important tools to increase and improve traffic to and through your website.

Social Media Planning
October 23, 2008
Questions you should be asking yourself in the process of social media planning before you begin jumping into social media programs.

How To Keep Up With All The News
October 22, 2008
One of my favorite little tools to use to keep up with "news" is Google Alerts.

Marketing In A Recession
October 17, 2008
3 ways that SEO (search engine optimization) can help your company through a recession.

Secret Internet Marketing Tip
October 08, 2008
Secret internet marketing tips aren't really secret, they're just not well known. So, get "in the know" and begin utilize this great online marketing tip for your business website.

Using Google Trends
October 02, 2008
Using Google Trends can enhance your current Internet marketing campaign strategies.

Small Businesses - Tough Economy and SEO
September 26, 2008
The benefits of SEO during tough economic times are evident. SEO offers longevity, a bigger bank for your buck when compared to traditional advertising.

Web Video Marketing Revealed
September 19, 2008
Web video marketing revealed, it's really not that intimidating once you know the information on how you can cut costs and what you need to do to get business from Internet videos.

Creative Internet Marketing Strategies
September 16, 2008
Creative internet marketing strategies help you to stand out from the competition.

Getting Found On The Internet
September 12, 2008
Local businesses should not ignore the Internet. More and more people research information locally BEFORE they get in their cars and venture out.

Local Search Benefits
September 11, 2008
As local search engines gain popularity in and outside of the Internet, the number of visitors using these programs is growing by leaps and bounds.

Website Traffic Conversion
September 05, 2008
The amount of traffic to a website is not as important as the type of traffic the website receives.

SEO Responsibilities
September 03, 2008
For an optimal SEO experience know the SEO responsibilities that you (the SEO firm) has and that the client has.

Getting Top Ranking on Google
September 02, 2008
The secret to getting top rankings on Google is to know what your competition is doing.

Website Metrics and Analytics
August 28, 2008
Website rankings are not as important as website metrics and analytics for your clients.

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