Learn how to double your sales conversions

Why do people come to your site, stay on your page and then leave without buying your product?? This is the same question that was bothering me for almost 6 months! I was selling an ebook about affiliate advertising, and I could get people to come to my site, but I couldn't get very many of them to actually buy my book. This thing took me a while to write too-it was a good book! Anyway, I was getting frustrated and I began searching for some solutions to my problem. I came across tons and tons of 'sales converters,' but not any information. Unfortunately, if I was going to to do something I would have to try some of the sales converters.

I read all the sales letters for each converter, and they all basically broke down the same information. What I needed was my product to be presented at the right time, to the right people, for the right price. Well duh!, that's what I was trying to do! These sales letters I was reading went on to explain that while my product and advertising may have initially captured them, I needed something more once they were at my site. My visitors needed to be reminded about my product and why it was a great investment. They needed to be reminded why they came to my site in the first place. They needed to be hooked by some sort of urgency to act now.

As I was reading all of these factors that would help me close the sale, I remembered how I designed my sales letter for my ebook around the very same principles. So why and how would any of these sales converters help me? I didn't think they would since I had already acheived all the supposed factors for closing my sale. I kept reading anyway in the hope I would learn something new, and then I came across exactly what many of these sales converters were. They were simply Pop-ups! NO THANKS!! I wasn't a fan of pop-ups and I knew I wouldn't buy something advertised from a pop-up. I did see why they were called 'sales converters' though. They were the 'reminder' about what great product was for sale. They provided the sense of urgency.

I knew I had to do something about my sales so, I started looking more into these pop-up sales converters and I found something perfect that wasn't a pop-up at all. It was something new called a pop-in. I read more and more and found out that this pop-in was the newest way to advertise, and was completely different than those annoying pop-ups. There were tons of other features to the pop-in, but basically it provided me with that 'reminder' my visitors needed to buy my affiliate book. I bought the product and increased my sales by two times in a day! The next day I had even more sales. I now average between 3 and 4 times more than what my sales would have been without this 'sales converter' and I would recommend it to anyone selling their own product or starting a website. I hope you all get the chance to try it. It's called "Pop-In Generator" it's at www.popingenerator.mzandcompany.com They even offer a money back gurantee if you don't have the same results. Best of luck!