Google Magic Formula Review

Does it really help mastering AdWords?

This product is designed to crack the magical formula required to tackle the AdWords beast. It has information on Affiliate programs, tips on writing Ads, AdWords strategies, plus a lot of other helpful information which makes it a complete solution for the beginner Internet Marketer. Lets dig in and find out what the two volumes of this product actually offer.

Google Magic Formula - Volume 1

The first volume is aimed at the beginner marketer and provides an introduction to AdWords. As you might already know, Google AdWords is a program where a site owner can bid on his chosen set of keywords and when a user searches for that keyword on Google, his ad would then be displayed in the right side of Google's search results. The bid on each keyword is determined by the conversion ratio of your ad. So, if Google thinks that your ad is not performing well enough, the bids might continue climbing up all the time. This will send a lot of your money down the drain. This is where Google Magic Formula steps in.

The first volume covers the following points -

* Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

* AdWords overview

* How to choose a product to promote

* Setting up your AdWords account

* Tips and tricks for writing effective ads

Google Magic Formula - Volume 2

The second volume promises to provide the real meat. Inside this, you will find some lesser known tips to tune and test your ads. It provides more advanced information on AdWords covering topics like how to quickly make different variations of ads, which bidding method to use in AdWords, how to conquer the vast content network of AdWords and so on. It also has the link to a free tool for correctly split testing your ad campaigns.

It lays down a step by step scientific plan which details which position to target when you are starting out, and then how to scale it up once your ads start performing well.This can have a significant impact on the number of clicks your ads receive and the amount of money you have to pay for them. To add to this, the information provided for setting up Content Network campaigns can make a serious difference to your profitability. It also brings with it a free tool to build a list of sites to target for your content network campaigns.


To top it all, Google Magic Formula comes with a special report which provide details on how to make use of two immensely popular social media sites. There is another short report on Affiliate Marketing but it doesn't contain much useful information. Then there is a comprehensive guide on Affiliate Marketing which is immensely useful for the beginner marketer.


The authors have provided a lot of valuable information which the usual AdWords guide do not cover. The content in the first volume is good, though experienced marketers who are just looking for AdWords strategies may want to go straight away to the second one, which offers more advanced information on AdWords.

Those who are already experts in AdWords and have multiple profitable campaigns running, may of course skip this product. But this is a must have tool for almost all beginner and intermediate level marketers. Bonus guides when used in tandem with the Google Magic Formula, make a compelling proposition and provides real value for money.