Free Myspace Marketing Tips....

MySpace is well-known for its huge online community and the way to do social networking, but it also can be a way to get your message out about your service or business if done in a non-pushy casual way. Today's generation has seen so many ads and can block it out in a flash. What's important to remember that MySpace and social networking is about making friends and casually mentioning what you do, what you've found helpful etc. It is not about hard selling.

After you set up your profile at MySpace you can explore using the various features which include adding friends, sending out bulletins, joining a group, blogging, writing comments and sending e-mails to your friends. Also when you set up your profile you are assigned a number but it's nice to change it to a catchy phrase because that will be part of the url or website address people use to find you.

The group tab on MySpace is wonderful to browse because you can find groups that are targeted on your niche and join them. For instance, if you study the pets and animals tab you'll see there are several groups available for dog lovers. The Dogs are the Best group has 31,901 members. There's another group titled My Dog Rocks that has over 54,000 members. There's also specialized niches as well such as a pit bull group that has 9000 members.

After you join a group you need to wait a week to post and then you can either answers people's posts or post your own topic or question. It is best to put your offer in your signature file and to build up relationships with people in the group rather than be an aggressive marketer. Some groups also have a bulletin section which allows ads and you use that section as well in a more direct way. I have found that being anecdotal and talking about my own interest in the topic help builds connections with other group members. Think how long it would take you to grow a newsletter list yourself of 54,000 members and you'll get a glimpse of the potential this has to let others know about your product or service.

Another feature I like is the commenting aspect. You can leave a comment on your friend's profiles that everyone who goes to their page will see. It can be worth it to make or buy a pretty banner so that you can include that within your comment visit I always study someone's page before I make a banner so I can customize my remark to their personality. It takes more time but again it helps to build the relationship. If I see that the person likes a certain book I like or hobby I will mention that in my comment and then put a link to my site using a banner or a text link.

Blogging using the MySpace blog system is also a very good way to get traffic to your site. I usually will post something in a diary or casual way and have a link to my site. I then will send out a bulletin to tell people I've updated my blog. Don't neglect MySpace in your marketing campaign as it has wonderful opportunities to help people get to learn about your website, service and business.