Ten Useful Internet Home Business Website Marketing Techniques


Ten Useful Internet Home Business Website Marketing Techniques

If you are starting an online home business you may need to find ways to promote it. You may find that some techniques work better with certain types of internet operations than others.

In order to determine what will work for you it may take a little bit of research. It may take a fair amount of trial and error as well. The following is list of different website marketing techniques you may implement for promotional purposes:

1. Search Engine optimization: One of the most useful ways to promote your website is to make sure it ranks high in search engine listings. This requires the use of a variety of SEO techniques. One of the most useful of all SEO practices is keyword optimization. When the pages of your site feature information about relevant keywords people are more likely to find your site than if they are not keyword optimized.

2. Directory submission: If your site is listed in the appropriate directories, it will increase your exposure. Plenty of opportunities for low-cost and free listing are available on the World Wide Web. Online phone directory listings and specialized listings may be your best choice, but a listing in any relevant directory will most likely help.

3. Submit articles: Another useful way to gain exposure is to submit articles to a variety of newsletter and directory sites for free. Usually you will receive a link back to your site in return.

4. Create a blog: When you create a blog that contains useful content more people are likely to link to it. This will help improve the Page Rank of your site. Moreover, it creates additional opportunity for site exposure.

5. Offer free tools: One of the most effective ways to create returning traffic to your site is by offering free tools. For example, quite a few real estate agents offer mortgage rate calculators. Likewise, travel agents offer destination search tools.

6. Create an e-mail signature: This usually is placed at the bottom of every single e-mail you send. It provides a way for people to remember you each time you e-mail them.

7. Pay Per Click ads: An ad that is included on search engine pages that only requires advertisers to pay when people click on the ads is very effective. You can set a daily budget so you only spend as much as you can afford to invest on these ads.

8. Participate in forums and blogs: if you are a naturally outgoing person, you can use that to your advantage. Often you are allowed to include one link to your website in posts. Beware of spam rules though so you do not get into trouble.

9. Create a newsletter: The best use of this technique is when you have already created a database of site visitors. If they subscribe to a newsletter, it can remind them of your presence online. Sending out newsletters is meant for only people who want to receive them though. So, you are advised to be very careful.

10. Host a contest: This is a fun way to attract visitors to your site. It adds to your credibility when you pay out a prize that you promise to them, too.

You also need to beware of what not to do when promoting your site. One of the primary major offenses is to send out unwanted e-mails to people who have never asked to receive them.

You also need to be careful about how you post your links too. They only belong on site pages where you have permission top place them. Likewise, never place links from another site unless you are sure it is acceptable to do so.