Creating Your Brand Identity

Creating Your Brand Identity


Collaterals are very common when marketing any business. Producing marketing campaigns such as custom greeting cards or brochures have become a mainstream practice for all businesses that it is crucial than ever to present one that can capture your audience.

Not only that, but your collaterals such as your greeting card printing, is significant in transforming your target clients into actual, buying customers.

When marketing your business through your custom greeting cards for example, you need to have a firm and strong identity for you to be successful. In fact, your brand identity is the key to having an effective marketing campaign (e.g. greeting card printing) work for you.

An ‘identity’ therefore is important. An ‘identity’ is a collection of your characteristics and qualities that make you different from the other companies in your industry. Your identity is what makes you unique because it reflects your particular talents and abilities. Your identity then provides your target clients the ‘why’ and ‘how’ they will benefit by choosing you as the company to solve their problems.

Sadly though, many businesses rely on the standard and generic qualities that have been used by many of the companies in their field. Often, they follow an established method of marketing that many target clients have a hard time distinguishing one group from the next. Even the use of superlatives have become very popular that almost all the companies are “aggressive”, “the best in the field”, offering “excellent quality” products and services. Moreover, many “go the extra mile” just so they can be the “only company” that can provide a particular service.

How then can a target client choose you for their needs if your marketing campaign can hardly provide your target clients with a compelling reason to seek you? Establishing an identity therefore is essential so they can separate you from the rest of your competition. Your identity emphasizes your quality brand that can match the needs of your particular audience.

To establish a solid and valuable identity, you need to know first what you can be known for. Do you have something unique to offer? Can you relay your firm’s record of success? Do you have a particular business philosophy that worked very well with your clients? Being known for something distinct can go a long way in establishing your identity to your target clients. The key is to set your company apart by giving your target clients reasons to seek you for their issues and concerns.

Second, be sure to provide your target clients with who you are and what you can do. What is important for your target clients to know about you? Think about concerns and issues that your target market might have and how you are qualified to solve these problems. Then in your marketing collaterals such as your custom greeting cards, find a creative way to illustrate these qualities that your prospects can relate to. The key is to support your identity with important qualities to convince your readers that you can deliver the solution they need.

The point: by establishing your brand identity, you will have a better chance of distinguishing your company from the rest of your competition. Do not be part of a bandwagon. Be yourself and promote the brand that is YOU. In the end, you will be the one that your clients will choose because they know you are the right man for the job.


By establishing an identity, you will be well on your way to distinguishing your firm on the Internet and implementing a successful marketing plan. For help in shaping a unique, appealing identity for your firm, contact FindLaw to learn more.

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