7 Kinds of Business Tools For Every Successful Entrepreneur

Beyond bringing a great business idea to fruition, a successful entrepreneur must keep the wheels of an enterprise turning smoothly, in order to move rapidly forward towards success! Good business intuition, hard work, creativity and excellent people management skills, all contribute to a thriving business.

That said, just as a well-crafted pair of running shoes can give an athlete that split-second edge when crossing the finish line, many successful business people rely on highly specialized tools to gain the advantage in the race to find and retain customers. This article will highlight some of those tools, without mentioning specific brand names. Each business had individual needs that may be best met by a specific product. So, once we point the way, do your research and make your choice from a host of available options.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Successful entrepreneurs make it a priority to get to know their customers, and ensure greater customer satisfaction. One way they do this is by implementing a Customer Relationship Management or CRM system, to keep track of customer interactions, preferences, issues and interests.

When you understand your customers, you know how to satisfy their needs, and keep them loyal, ultimately increasing profits. There are different CRM software applications to meet varied business needs and budgets, so pick the one with features that best suit your individual enterprise’s requirements.

Analytical software

Customer-related data is generated in vast quantities, every day. Companies collect transactional data and non-transactional data from various sources, including mobile interactions, phone conversations, and website visits. Even small businesses can benefit greatly from analyzing this data, to gain insights that dictate business-critical decisions and enable personalizing of service to individual customers.

From Google Analytics for tracking activity on your website, to more robust tools that are designed to help you piece together a clearer picture of what your customers want, there are several data analysis software applications you can choose from. One thing is clear, quick and effective data analysis could be the difference between succeeding in your endeavor, or losing out to the competition.

The silver lining that is the cloud

In recent years, cloud-based services have been bringing a ray of hope to the gloomy landscape of business expenses. By opting for these services, companies can cut costs and save on infrastructure-related expenses. Here are two cloud-based tools or services that can lead to success.

Cloud-based storage and file sharing applications

Dropbox is the most popular among these, but there are alternatives as well. As long as the application is installed on a device, you can log in and access files stored in the cloud, anytime, anywhere. You can restrict information access by choosing who you want to share the files with.

Cloud telephony

Telecom infrastructure in the cloud is in and installing your own expensive EPABX infrastructure is out. Successful entrepreneurs know the advantages of such a model. Your business can enjoy a professional communications system with features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call tracking, call recording, click-to-call service, and conferencing, among others. This will help you gain more leads and build your business, very cost-effectively. Your cloud telephony services provider even carries out all required maintenance, so you don’t have to.

Social media platforms

Successful entrepreneurs see opportunities to leverage popular social media platforms. From Facebook, to LinkedIn, to twitter, to Instagram, you can use social media to promote your business, update customers about company-related events and activities and showcase thought leadership. It’s a great way to reach out to thousands of users. You can also read what customers are saying about you and respond appropriately. For example, if a customer complains on Twitter, take the matter seriously and resolve the issue.

Online ratings and reviews websites

Sign up as a business, read the reviews and respond with diplomacy and grace. Customers tend to talk about their bad experiences with your brand and poor ratings can negatively impact your business. A successful entrepreneur leverages review sites to learn from criticism and show annoyed customers that they care. A well-worded apology is often well received. When customers see that you are willing to admit your faults, they perceive your company in a more positive light.

Contractor hiring websites

Smart hiring is the key to success, especially for startups where budgets are tight and staff requirements are high. When you begin doing business, you may need to hire a skeleton staff and get some of the work done through freelancers and contractors. For this, you can turn to several popular websites that host profiles of professionals across skillsets, experience and rates. You can pick and choose the people who best fit your requirements and negotiate a suitable cost per project, with them.

So there you have it – seven kinds of tools that really rule when you’re an entrepreneur who takes business success very seriously. Go ahead and implement them to experience the many advantages each one offers.