Social Sign-On and Its Benefits

In every business, the first and the foremost thing you need is to understand your customers. More you understand them better the experience you can offer. Without knowing your audience, it is not possible to find out whether your marketing strategies are targeting right customers or not.

Customer information is very important for your business. But the question here arises is, how one can get this information without annoying the audience?  The solution is social sign on. Through social sign-on the users can login into the website by using their existing social media account. In just a few seconds they can access your website and in return, you get reliable first-party data.

Here are some of the benefits of using social sign-on:

  • Offer more personalized experience

Everybody like personalization. Now with the help of social sign-on, you can know the likes, dislikes, interests and much more of your customers, you can show the right thing to your customers at a right time with the help of personalized experience. As you are providing a personalized experience it will definitely boost the conversion. And you are able to get more return customers.

  • Understanding audience

Social sign-on provides you the reliable first-party data that helps you to make more targeted strategies. It provides more accurate data as compared to traditional way of registration, along with basic information, email id, the name including address, education, job profile etc. With such personal information of each user, marketers can understand their audience on a much deeper level and increase engagement.

  • Build a relationship

It is not possible in real life too to build a relationship whom you don’t know well. Online business is all about how well you know your customers. Because without knowing them it is not possible for you to make a healthy relationship with them. As stated earlier social sign-on provides you lots of first party and accurate information about your audience. This will help you to understand who your audience really is and also help you in achieving higher conversion on your website.

  • Remove password fatigue

Passwords are hard to remember. We hate to remember a new username and password each time when we have to login a new website. But social sign-on removes the fear of remembering new username and password. There is no need to fill long registration forms and create another site-specific password while using social sign-on

These are several benefits of using social sign-on for both users and for online businesses. If I missed any important point, make me know in the comments below.