Facebook Ads Vs. Google Ads

What is a Viable Option For Your Business?

These days Facebook and Google are two of the biggest advertising platforms today. To be franker, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads are your best weapons when it comes to social media marketing. Your PPC campaign will be flying with either of them.

Of course, in the end, you can only go with one. So let’s try to make out the differences between the two as best as we can.

 1.  Targeting

When it comes to targeting the audience Google only focuses mainly on the keywords. Facebook, on the other hand, can look into the people who look up the content. Facebook can target based on all kinds of demographic information like education, income level, location and so much more.

Google, however, has little control of the people who see their ads. Therefore, Facebook takes the lead in this factor.

 2.  Reach

In terms of seniority, Google sits on top of Facebook. But besides that, Facebook Ads can reach about 1.28 billion active users monthly, whereas Google AdWords can reach up to 2.6 billion. Facebook Ads get about 1 trillion page views in a month and Google gets about 180 billion searches.

Lastly, Facebook can reach up to 43.3% of internet users and Google 90%. Ultimately, the majority appears to be in the favor of Google.

 3.  Locations

Google ads can be displayed in any of the two places; pages that run Google AdWords that are part of the display network or the search results page. The search results ads are always text-based and formatted to look like normal search results. Ads on the display network run on a range of options like text units and graphical units that come in a number of sizes.

Facebook ads are only found on Facebook. There is nothing that is equal to that of the display network. The ads can show up at several places on Facebook. The most recurring are the news feeds ads and sidebar ads, though there are also mobile ads and app ads as well.

 4.  Timing

For quick results, your best bet is with Google Ads. The ads are search related so there will be customers who are going to be looking for a specific ad on the search engine results pages. Facebook has only a few people in comparison who are looking for something specific. But this might be a seed that will grow into something big one day.

 5.  Costs

Google ads can be quite expensive depending on the kind of ad that you are trying to run. That of course, depends on your niche market. Facebook ads are relatively cheaper when compared to Google. A low level and low competition Google CPC ads will cost you around 70 cents per click. With higher the competition, you will be charged several dollars per clicks.

With Facebook, you can expect to be paying less than $1 per click in most cases. But this, of course, depends on a lot on your targeting. There are some demographics and target audiences that will be more expensive than others.

 6.  Engagement

Let’s face it; when it comes to engagement with the audience, Facebook wins by a long shot. Google only offers a one-way communication like service which is user ratings, but Facebook openly interacts with their customers any time during the day. They will take your queries, answer your questions and conduct surveys.

To top it off, Google is for PPC campaigners whereas Facebook has a more organic approach that takes the time to nurture; but when it does, it delivers with a bang.