The new update on Whatsapp turns it radical and awe-inspiring

One of the most frequently and popularly used application is Whatsapp and that’s something known by all of us. Whatsapp seems to be the best and comfortable messaging application. People largely started to switch into Whatsapp messenger from normal texting because Whatsapp gets instant messages and also it doesn’t have any restriction or limitation on sending messages. We can chat all day long without any charges based on the number of texts. The receiver from the other can reach the text in seconds and the messages also include media files like audio, video, and images.

This application was widely spread about four years ago and the reason is those which we kept the discussion as long as now. After Whatsapp, a lot of application came into the store to compete with. But still, Whatsapp stood at the top towering other messaging applications like a boss. Though other applications offered new ideas like video calling and photo editing at earlier stages people just had them as a subsidiary option concentrating more on Whatsapp specifically. People feel it’s more comfortable to use Whatsapp rather than other applications. Applications like Viber, hike and other messaging applications were also famous but no application can match the fame which Whatsapp had.

Due to the hefty number of users, Whatsapp is often in killing compulsion of bringing up the best ideas and better updating every time. Since people are so much attached with Whatsapp they look for better features every time they update the application. Whenever an update is made people hurry into their application to look for the changes which the new update has rendered its users. People show so much of interest in this application in particular so the update also must be valid and impressive for them. It’s not that the users would switch to another application but satisfying the users is always the first duty for a developer. 

The developers felt grateful about their users because the video calling facilities was updated on Whatsapp very late on comparison with other applications, but still, they never chose another application despite this. Whatsapp makes their updates a little late but still, they were always its user’s favorite. They never lament anything about the application because it’s the first ever application which gave its user a huge number of benefits and facilities. And that’s people always find it fruitful and make its users sustain in the application for years.

So coming to the recent update of Whatsapp, it seems to be a very interesting and also newsworthy one to discuss. Because usually, they updates made on Whatsapp were something new be it the video call and voice facility or the customization options and others they seemed too typical and a regular idea. But this time the update was the talk of the town. People had a difference of opinions over it. A few ones enjoyed the new changes whereas the counterpart feels that the entire customization of Whatsapp seems too different and a bit pestiferous to use. This digs a lot of curiosity over what the customization of application is, so let’s have a deep discussion about the new update the world famous messenger Whatsapp has rendered to its user.  

You’ll get replies for your status

Here is the description of the new update. We usually keep checking over the status updates of our friends and other contacts available on our Whatsapp contacts, if we happen to see something new about their status we surely inbox them about it. So status updates were usually the ones where we start our conversations. This new update on Whatsapp has enabled a feature where we can just tap on our status and send them a reply.  

Another thing which becomes new on Whatsapp is that the status updates are now converted into the form of media; you can either update an image or a video of given minimal duration. On updating of status it will last for 24 hours and the very next minute after 24 hours the status would disappear. This is something absolutely new to all the Whatsapp users. A few users found it new and interesting and they couldn’t find it difficult to accept the change whereas the frequent users found it kind of different and also a few felt indifferent towards the idea.

The status updates you make will be visible to all the contacts you have in your Whatsapp contacts or you can also make it public and let everybody see your status updates even those apart from the contacts which you have not added to your contact list. There is another additional option in this new update you can restrict the privacy over your status updates by hiding particular contacts. This means you have the authority to decide who deserve to view your status even if they have a place on your contact list. You can mark upon the contact which you want to hide at the left side corner of the new status and avoid them from viewing your status. And you can also get to know who all have viewed your status.

It might be brand new on Whatsapp but basically an old idea  

The new features of Whatsapp are absolutely new on Whatsapp which made the customization look completely different from the older one. This idea of updating status which would disappear within a day idea was initially started by Snapchat with the name of Snapchat stories. People went gaga behind it the application and the Snapchat story idea was also a great success. Since there were a lot of people who use Snapchat they found it interesting and few were fond of it. Later the other applications like Facebook messenger, Instagram also replicated the same idea in their respective applications to sustain their users and also add relish to its users.

People still showed interest towards this story updates daily in other applications also, so the Whatsapp messenger also were updated in such way to feast its regular user’s eye on their application. It’s in fact fun to have this new update in an application which we keep using on daily basis. 

Inarticulate those who annoy you in your Whatsapp contact list

There are a lot of people whom we never want to chat with but it’s inevitable to delete their contact either. At such circumstances in the older version we had no other go apart from tolerating their presence but now in the newer updated version of the application, it is enabled with a mute option for a particular contact in fewer clicks. You will not be notified with any of their messages and status updates and this never annoys you for any reason.

At the bottom

The new update seems to show a drastic difference in the customization of the entire application in comparison with the earlier updates made by the application. This might bring a lot of users to turn their interest into the new updated version or might also turn the other way around. But any change which the users gotta encounter will make them adopt in fewer days even if they keep lamenting that they will never adopt the new update. It’s all time which has to give both the application developer and users to get set with the trend and updates.