Twitter Marketing Tips for 2018

As a marketer, we all aware that social media branding can enhances your brand exposure, increase brand awareness and provides a boost that is the must for every business to survive in the current era. Studies revealed that more than 78% of small businesses and startups use social media to gain more customers. Interestingly, 33% of the customers recognized social media platform as the right platform to identify new brands/products/services trending on the market. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram…the list goes on. But, Twitter is one of the most recognized social media platform that aid small businesses to get more exposure within the short span of time. In this article, we are going to explain few of the important twitter marketing tips for 2018 explained the expert of SEO Albuquerque

Tweet Without Links Will Get More Engagement 

We all think that Tweeting with links is the better way to get more engagements, but it’s a MYTH. When it comes to getting more backlinks for your website, tweeting with links would be the better option. But for more engagement, tweeting without links is the best technique. Study done by Buffer revealed that “Engagement rate for tweets without links is HIGH, compared with tweets with links.” 

Twitter is one of the right platforms to spend some time in interacting with your customers to develop good relations with them, so don’t ever try to push them with over promotional tweets with links. 

Include Hashtags 

To get noticed among potential audience and gain more traffic to your tweets, Hashtags are the best! Including Hashtags is the best way to get targeted traffic to your tweets. There are many online tools that will really help you with hashtags, they are: Hashtagify and 2) Ritetag 

Add Images in Your Tweets 

“Picture Speaks More than Words” – As like this adage, adding images in your tweets will get you more visitors when compared with tweets without any images in it. Albuquerque SEO experts suggests the tool named “Twitshot” to fetch relevant images for your tweets. 

Famous Sayings & Quotations 

Try tweeting with famous quotes & sayings. To get more engagement for your tweet, you should start tweeting more valuable yet famous saying, give some time and then push your commercial tweet. Don’t just copy & paste the famous sayings, instead come up with a new title to reach more audiences. 

Win Customers & Gain More Traffic! 

Nowadays, everyone is using Twitter! So, it’s never been easier than now to start your twitter marketing campaign! Get help from the leading SEO Company in Albuquerque and make sure to follow the above mentioned tips to get the most out of your twitter marketing!