The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of aspects. With every new advance we make, it seems that more are added. Around 30 years ago, digital marketing essentially meant sending out emails or text messages.

Now that landscape has changed completely. Sure; we still do send out emails and text messages as a marketing tool. But there is also social media marketing, apps, chatbots, instant messaging, and so on.

It’s enough to leave even seasoned marketing experts feeling dazed and confused. So if it all leaves you feeling a little shell-shocked, don’t feel too bad – you’re not alone. Because of all the confusion, we were quite excited when we came across the infographic that we’ve shared with you below.

Created by the team at Serpwatch, it has loads of statistics relating to every aspect of digital marketing you might be interested in, and some that you would never even have thought about.

Using the information contained within the infographic, you’ll be able to work out what methods are going to make the most impact for your business. You get carefully researched statistics that will help you to decide where to concentrate your marketing strategy.

How much is the average cost of PPC advertising? What are the effects of ad-blockers on marketing? Do all consumers want to block all ads? Check out the infographic – you’ll be surprised by the answers to these questions and a ton more besides.

You’ll learn:

  • More about SEO: Things like the importance of keywords, organic search stats, local SEO, and mobile SEO. (Yes, that’s a thing now as well.)
  • The facts about social media: What makes for a great social media post? Is the age of Twitter coming to a close? Should you have an Instagram page?
  • More about video marketing: How do clients feel about product videos? Are social videos important for marketing? Should you harness the power of YouTube?
  • How effective cold email marketing is: Is it something that is past its best? How can you improve your response rate?
  • Paid advertising: Should you still shell out for paid advertising or focus on organic results?
  • Lead generation: How important are KPIs and marketing automation?
  • Content marketing: Is it the way of the future?


But let’s stop talking about what’s in the infographic and head right over and read it instead.