Is Marketing Letting Your Business Down Too Often?

No matter the size of your business, it is important for marketing to play an integral role in it.

That said what if your marketing efforts are coming up short and letting you and your business down? If they are, how long can you go until your business takes a major hit from the lack of proper marketing?

When your marketing efforts are not getting the job done, will you act or sit by?


Are You Not Spending Enough Money?

One of the reasons your marketing efforts could be coming up short is if you are not spending enough money.

While there are some free actions you can take to market your business, many others cost money. When money is tight, your marketing could pay the price.

If money is an issue, have you thought to apply for a line of credit?

When you access a line of credit, you move closer to getting the finances needed to promote your brand.

With more money in your back pocket, you can market your business more often.

Among some of the ways you should be marketing your brand include:

  • Traditional marketing – Do not sleep on traditional marketing means are. From networking events to emailing current and prospective customers, be sure you interact.

  • Customer testimonials – If you have happy customers, why not let some help in marketing? One way to go about this is by doing customer testimonials. Such testimonials give others a first-hand account of what people like about you. Now, can you get much better marketing than that? It never hurts to give customers an incentive or two to provide you with a short testimonials. Such testimonials can range from a television or radio spot to a written one.

  • Social media – This is one area where too many business heads unfortunately fall short. Given social media is in essence free, one would be silly not to take advantage of it. That said do as much as you can with social networking. It provides you with the opportunity to have 24/7/365 access to consumers. Unlike other means of interaction where time is key, you socially interact whenever.

  • Your employees – Finally, do your employees help you when it comes to promoting your brand? Keep in mind that your employees know your brand and all it has to offer better than anyone else. As such, they can be great brand ambassadors for you when it comes to marketing. From social media posts to spreading the word about your brand to their families and friends, never shy away from encouraging your team to speak highly of your brand.

In avoiding a marketing letdown, do all you can to be sure your marketing efforts fire on all cylinders.

If savvy with finances, utilizing social media and making sure others speak well of you, your marketing can take off.

That said are you happy with where your marketing has been as of late?

In the event the answer is no, why is marketing let your business down?