Is Television Advertising Still Worth the Cost?

More people are streaming movies and television shows through their internet connections instead of receiving services from traditional television providers.


This trend has many businesses asking the question, is television advertising still worth the cost?


Some businesses are sceptical about spending their advertising dollars on television advertisements. They’re afraid that people can watch their favourite programs on the internet more conveniently.


Modern audiences can just take out their mobile phone or laptop and view the content anywhere. And if they do watch content on their televisions, chances are they are using a service that allows them to do so without viewing commercials.


Surprisingly, numerous studies continue to indicate companies get the best return on their marketing investment from television advertisements. About 71 percent of the total profit companies make from advertising comes from television advertising.


TV advertising also was found to be 40 percent more effective than any other advertising mediums. 


Still unconvinced? Check out the  top seven reasons why you should still advertise your brand on television:


1. Brand Building

In the United Kingdom, major internet and media companies like Netflix, Google and Facebook have devoted most of their marketing budget toward television advertisements.


At least 60 percent of these budgets are for advertisements on television. Why would companies that do business on the internet choose television advertisements? The answer is because television is still the No. 1 way to build a brand.


2. Bigger Audience

Forget about advertising on the radio, print newspapers or even the internet. If you want to reach the most people within the shortest time period, then television advertisements are the best way to go.


With TV, you can even target your audience by having the advertisements broadcast during a specific program popular among your niche.


3. Relaxed and Attentive Viewers

People have short attention spans. They no longer pay attention to newspapers or radio dialogue. Television is the one platform on which people can focus without much effort.


Television viewers tend to sit down on the sofa and keep their eyes glued to the screen. Whatever catchy advertisements come on the screen, they will take in them all.


 And since they’re likely relaxed and calm, viewers are more attentive to the information that is presented to them.


4. Engaging Video and Audio

Television does not contain boring text or audio-only advertising. Instead, it provides audiences with a visually-attractive video production and audio advertisement. Television is really the only place people will see such advertisements.


TV viewers might see ads on the internet, too, but only if they don’t use the increasingly common ad-blocking software. But as far as the quality of advertisements goes, they are the best when they’re on television.


5. Added Personality

Television advertising offers the chance to personalize your advertisements by introducing yourself or your company to the audience. You can even introduce funny or catchy characters who represent your brand and company image.


There are so many ways to add creativity, flair and fun to your television advertisements. You can make something that people will remember for days and weeks to come.


6. No Advertisement Blocking

For businesses and advertisers, the great thing about purchasing television advertisements is that the viewers cannot block them.


Sure, viewers can switch the channel or skip through them at high speed, but they cannot set up a tool which makes the advertisements disappear altogether – a tactic that happens on the internet all the time.


If people download Google Chrome and install the Ad Blocker extension, it eliminates all advertisements from every website. If you’re paying for internet ads, then no one is going to see them while they’re running an ad blocker like this. This cannot happen with television advertisements.


7. Repeat Advertisements

Television advertisements don’t just air one time and then never again. You can have your advertisement shown repeatedly at different hours and on different days. Of course, it will cost you more money each time you want the advertisement shown.


It also costs extra to air ads during an evening time slot because that is when most people are watching television. You have the freedom to choose whatever matches your marketing budget and goals.