Cover All Of Your Bases: What Needs To Be Incorporated In A Startups Digital Marketing Strategy

A startup can turn into a reputable company through quality work as well as an effective digital marketing strategy. Increasing brand awareness usually is a high priority for management but increasing search engine rankings for keywords related to the company is equally important. Being able to generate sales through marketing efforts is imperative and ranking first for a specific keyword or product helps immensely. Consumers rarely leave the first page of a search result if they find what they are looking for within the first few results. Searchers usually search with a different phrase if they do not find what they need on the first page or two. Covering all of your bases will allow a startup to have an all-inclusive marketing strategy that will set the startup out on the right foot. The following are areas to keep in mind during a startups digital marketing campaign.


Quality Content Needs To Be Produced

“Content is king” has been used in the marketing world for quite a long time and it is as true as ever. Consumers have been saturated with content that has both been high and low quality so quality content is more important to be produced than ever. Search engines can even penalize a website for continually posting low quality content or even publishing duplicate content. Hiring a writer or a freelancer to take care of creating the written content can be a huge time saver and worth the investment. This is not the time to have a staff member try out their writing expertise without any previous experience as it reflects directly on the startup.


Make Sure The Site You Are Linking Back To Is One The Company Is Proud Of

Designing a website that the startup will be trying to garner traffic for via the marketing campaign needs to be done with quality in mind. Setting goals for the website can help guide the company in designing it as websites for different companies have different functions. An ecommerce website is going to want to have the best hosting support solution available so reaching out to IP Geeks can help solve this. One of the first impressions that can impact a customer’s willingness to work with a startup is that of what the website looks like. A poorly designed website does not instill confidence in the consumer that the company will produce high quality work as they couldn’t even handle designing a decent website.


Social Media For Promotion And Engagement

Social media can be great to promote content that has been written as well as a great way to engage customers and sales prospects. The social media accounts should not just be used to promote content though as commenting on relevant topics can help legitimize a company. The best thing that can happen with company social media accounts is they become a “must follow” for those in their industry. A thought leader in an industry can help drum up sales as most people want to work with a well-known company that has cutting edge views on specific topics.


Outreach For Building Links Via Guest Posting

Building links seems like it is always going to be a part of digital marketing as no Google update has rendered them irrelevant or even close to irrelevant. Quality websites should be targeted for a guest posting campaign and be relevant to the startup as this can garner leads and traffic. Posting on an irrelevant publication is not going to target the startup’s target demographic and can be a waste of time as well as money to have the content created. Manual outreach should be done as spamming websites can have your company blacklisted and even the company’s IP to be labeled as one that generates spam. The last thing a startup wants to do is to have all pitches go to spam due to a rogue guest posting campaign that was not successful.


Tracking All Budget Spent

A startup is going to want to track every dollar spent on marketing to see what type of ROI each tactic produced. Without other data a startup needs this first set of data in order to create an even more cost-efficient marketing campaign going forward. Luckily there are plenty of tools that help gather data on the results of money spent on social media advertising and content creation. Being able to see which websites generated traffic for the site is also important as it could be beneficial to contribute to that site regularly for continued success. Data makes our decisions more informed so use it rather than that “gut feeling” not supported with evidence.

Digital marketing has a plethora of factors that can impact the success of a campaign. Create a campaign that includes all of these above mentioned variables to see how much marketing can change the startup’s business health.