Sell through Webinars: Generate Leads and Boost Income

Marketing a business or products through webinars are among the unique methods that are being adopted for increasing sales and generating new leads. As we know, these are internet based seminars which are hosted virtually. And this is what makes webinar marketing worth as it provides live interaction with the audience.

In contrast to other marketing mediums where you need to wait a lot for your audience’ reaction, here you can observe the interest you have created within an hour. It is one of the reasons for the success of webinar marketing. However, there is more you can get from your webinars while promoting your product or services.


Why Should You Use Webinars for Promoting Your Business & Generating Leads?

A webinar is equivalent to a live seminar but is being run through the internet. It has lots of other benefits as well.

  • It is money saving. You need to dedicate a lot of money on live meetings, and you can only talk to a limited audience. Here you can grow your audience and do not need to set up a big stage.
  • Everyone can excess this technology easily.
  • It is the fastest way to deliver your message face to face.
  • You can target local and international audience from your own place.


Practical Tip for Marketing Through Webinars       

Suppose you are running an email marketing campaign, it always keeps you in doubt whether the email is delivered, seen or ignored. However, webinars make sure that your message is delivered to the users. To convey your message in a more precise way, you may look at my advice.

1. Select A Relevant Product/Service

You cannot offer a taxi service to the car owners usually. Similarly, marketing demands that you should target the right audience for the right product or service. It is imperative that you should know a little about your webinar attendants so that you can select a product according to their nature. Irrelevant marketing will lead your efforts and investment to vain.

2. Connect With More People

Make a list of email addresses that you can invite more and more users to attend your webinar. Social media networks can help you connect with a huge number of people. LinkedIn can be very critical for you as it is one of the most authentic social media platforms, and many business related persons prefer it.

3. Create Trust and Show Authority

Why will they join you? You need to highlight your previous acknowledgments so it can create a sense of authority for you among people and it increases their eager to learn from your webinars. For example, if you’ve been featured on highly recognized sites like Forbes, Promotion World, you should mention it on your website. Placing a logo of such websites on your site also creates impact and people can trust you.

4. Think of A Suitable Schedule

We know that people tend to be busy on Monday and Fridays as they are opening and closing days of the working weekend. People attend more webinars on Tuesday between 10 am to 11 am. The number shows that Wednesday and Thursday are just behind Tuesday. So you can schedule your webinar in any of the three days to gain a high-interest rate.

5. Use Attractive Content

Content-First approach is trending worldwide nowadays. For a marketer, it is crucial to understand that content creates a huge impact. You should work hard for the content to market your webinar and for the webinar content as well. Tools like Grammarly and Crowd Writer helps a lot to come up with interactive content.

6. Inspire Your Audience

Never forget to share the past experience of different users who are already using your product or have acquired your services. Or if you are launching a new product then communicate your personal observations. These practices inspire consumers and encourage them to make a purchase.

7. Be Interactive: Introduce Activities

Interaction allows you to collect reviews and feedback and adds significant value to the product. You can introduce several activities during the webinar to involve your audience more. These activities could be related to your product. For example, after describing the whole product or service, you may ask them to suggest a name, etc. You can also,

  • Conduct a survey,
  • Start a discussion
  • Challenge the audience
  • FAQs
  • Do a critique

8. Don’t Forget To Follow Up

After you are finished with all the above steps, one last thing you need to do is follow-ups. Those who have not subscribed to your product or service, you may send them consistent follow up after particular intervals.

  • An excellent follow up is about after every 5 to 6 day.
  • There are more chances of response up to 6th follow up.


Engage The Audience In Your Marketing Campaign

Have you ever thought if your users market for you? It might not sound workable but, believe me, it is. In order to generate more leads:

  • You must utilize the time of the user after registration. With confirmation email, send them a clip or banner that promotes your product. If they like it, they’ll definitely share it.
  • Ask your audience to be your brand advocates.
  • Ask your audience to streamline the webinar on their social media channels.