5 Types Of Content You Should Create To Rank Better In 2019

Content is the most important aspect of search engine optimization. All the marketing strategies in the world won’t get your website anywhere if it doesn’t host something worthwhile. Content is constantly evolving and marketers are making sure that they are always one step ahead of the competition. This year, you can count on a lot of new ideas that can bring your website to the top of search engine rankings.


1.      Infographics

Infographics are the perfect blend of visual and written content. They inform users about a topic they’re interested in and they do so in a visually stimulating and creative way. You’ve probably seen thousands of infographics online as of recently, and you might have noticed that they’re growing increasingly popular.

What you want to do is create an infographic that is share-worthy. Other types of content might be too tedious to share on social media because they’re too long to read or watch in a short timeframe. Infographics are short and engaging enough that you can comfortably share them and count on people to see them.

Infographics require a bit of creativity and a lot of research, so make sure that your content creators are up to the task of making some good examples.


2.      Software

When talking about content creation, most people neglect to mention software as a viable choice. It might not seem like it, but it’s an extremely effective way to get search engines to notice your website and rank it higher. You might have noticed that there are a lot of websites out there that rank quite high on search engines without even having a blog. This is because they have decided to utilize software marketing instead.

The number of marketing programs out there is increasing exponentially. SEO experts are just now taking advantage of the many benefits that they can provide. The way they work is pretty simple. The application software you create is going to have a useful feature that will attract users from all over the internet. They will install it and use the feature, while also generating backlinks and spreading its popularity. If you decide to up and create a blog post in the near future, all of those backlinks will be extremely useful for increasing your website rankings.

These pieces of software tend to be especially popular if users don’t have to pay for them. It’s considered a pretty good investment. Think of it as planting a seed that will one day grow into thousands of free backlinks for your website.

Brainstorm ideas with your marketing team. What should the software be good at? Think of problems that your target demographic might have and start by thinking of ways to solve them in a creative way.


3.      Immersive video content

In today’s world, words will get you quite far. Blogs are the most popular way for many businesses to get their message across. It’s hard to argue against written content and its many advantages. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, after all. Although, a sword that is recorded with a video camera is going to prove to be pretty tough competition for the pen.

Video content is quickly becoming a contender for the best type of content you can feature on your website. It doesn’t measure up in terms of how detailed it can be, but what it lacks in precision it makes up in showmanship.

Videos are considered a lot more engaging than written content. Users are more easily immersed in an experience that features visuals, sounds, and even additional writing. Videos are a lot tougher to ignore, as well. People might skim every other sentence in a blog post, but videos are usually watched in their entirety. You can miss a lot of interesting visuals if you skip ahead in a video. Because of this, you can make sure that the money you spend producing the content is going to be fully appreciated by the users.

One of the main reasons for the rapid spread of video content in today’s online marketing world is the fact that it’s a lot more accessible to content creators. Cameras are cheap and the technology has evolved to the point that even your phone’s camera has a crisp and clear view of everything you point it at. You don’t sacrifice a lot of quality by going the cheaper route of production. Hardly anyone can blame you, when the results can be just as mesmerizing as a studio production, as long as you get creative and original with your idea.

The best part is that you don’t have to choose between good writing and video content. Videos and images are a great way to supplement a high-quality article. This way, your topic gets covered in many different ways while also providing an engaging experience for readers and watchers alike.


4.      Original and engaging

Good content is something every search engine optimization expert will recommend you. Search engines look for things that keep people coming back to your website. What better way to achieve this than with content that is engaging? The form that the content takes is only a secondary part of the equation. The quality of your content is what gets people to visit your website and share blog posts.

How do you create content that is worth sharing? You need to think of all the interesting things that surround your business and brand. Anything can be presented in a positive and interesting light as long as you're a good storyteller. Count on emotions and informative content to get you more views and shares. They are the keys to good search engine rankings.

Creating high-quality content that is also well-optimized and engaging is a monumental task. Even some of the biggest websites in Australia tend to struggle with content creation. You have to combine talent with just the right amount of SEO knowledge or else some other website will inch ahead with rankings.

There are professionals that specialize in optimizing content and increasing website rankings for websites. SEO Gold Coast experts are usually hired to help businesses stay competitive in the current business climate. With professional help, any business can find itself at the top of search engine rankings rather easily. Search engine optimization experts level the playing field for businesses big and small. Engaging content is made even more effective, while also giving your website the opportunity to increase its rankings.


5.      Well-connected content

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of online marketing strategies. Before, you would be considered clever if you used social media in a clever way to further your website and brand popularity. Today, it isn’t something that you have a say in. Every website needs to take full advantage of social media for their marketing and ranking purposes. These platforms can give your website a significant boost in traffic and search engines take their backlinks into account when they rank websites.

If you create quality content, you’re going to want to spread it far and wide across social media. Even the best article or the most creative video won’t do much for your rankings if it isn’t viewed by a lot of users. Social media is a great way to spread it around the internet.

Sticking to just one online social medium isn’t going to give you very good results. Users often create accounts on several different platforms and they check them all regularly. Even if people only frequented one or two of these platforms, you would still want to reach the largest possible audience by making use of every single one of them.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are your bread and butter platforms. They have the most users and many of those users are interconnected. If your account regularly posts quality content, you can count on a lot of exposure and backlinks that will make your website extra popular among search engines.



Optimizing your content is the best possible step you could take towards furthering your website’s goals. You just need to look out for all of the new trends that are popping up on a daily basis and apply them to your website. As long as you’re making waves with your popular content, you can count on search engines noticing and acting accordingly. Try some of these examples out and you are guaranteed to end up with much higher rankings for your website.