How To Boost Customer Retention Using Web Push Notifications

Many businesses follow different strategic approaches to build a customer base. They focus on finding new customers and retain existing customers by applying all their efforts and resources. The procurement of customers and engaging them with the business are two important factors. The marketers need to identify, obtain the new marketing channels to reach customers with their preference for better outcomes.

In this article, I will explain how push notifications help in keeping the customers for a longer time by maximizing the profit. But why customer retention is so important?

Why focus on customer retention?

51% of U.S. consumers are loyal to brands that make interaction with them through their preferred channels of communication. 2.74% of Millennials switch to a different site if they have poor customer service.

The success of any business depends upon the trust factor. You must focus on your regular customers to nurture your business. You also need to propagate your customer retention with the least resources and articulate the communication message. The browser push notification makes it easy as compared to other channels like emails and social media posts. The composition of crisp and concise messages with images and emojis gets instantly delivered to the users makes it distinct among others.

Let’s know a brief idea about this medium.

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are the automated messages appear on your device when you are online. Many marketers use this tool for reaching their customers. The web push notifications work both on mobile and web browser. One can only able to get the notifications when he/she opted-in on the permission dialogue box on any website.

The web push notifications are used by many industries as an engagement and retention tool. You can use your browser push notification in your business as a marketing communication channel.

Browser push notifications tools can engage the customers at every step of their journey. Customers can click with a single click and no need to install any apps to receive personalized messages. The push notifications alert the users according to their interests and behaviors based on their browsing history. It helps to bring back the customers to the purchase or read new content.

How do push notifications help to create customer retention?

Make an opt-in strategy:

Requesting a user for an opt-in message is the first point to get a potential subscriber. A customer can undoubtedly allow the opt-in box if you send them a relevant message about what they expect.

If you are planning to send the push about new contents, blogs or planning some offers to send, tell the customers directly. It helps to get the opt-in rate.

Decide when to show opt-in notification, whether you want to show the opt-in message soon the user visits your website or you want to wait for a while and time it strategically.


Retain your customers in a loop:

Keeping the existing customers in a loop for regular push notification is necessary to maintain a brand up to the mark. You can send the push notifications for creating a hype of a new product, inform about upcoming events, promote sales, and ask for the feedback of the users. The customers will follow through CTA (Call to Action) by catering their interests through push notifications.

Determine the timing and frequency before sending the notifications daily. For example, if you are running a news website, you can send the users daily notifications. However, your messages will appear as spam if you send too many messages to a user if your website is not a news website. Try different frequencies and find the best timing for the customers. You can send anywhere between once or twice in a week for better engagement.

Timing is also a necessary aspect to make the audience more engaged. Segment your audiences according to time zones and geography of customers. Don’t send summer collections while someone is freezing with a lower temperature. You should focus on both seasonal sales and daily sales.

Segment your customers:

The web push notifications allow you to target audiences on the behavior, interest, and categories they choose usually. You can easily send notifications to the segmented audience based on their interests once you are aware of the user preferences. Don’t send the messages without user’s interest, otherwise, they may start to consider your website as spam.

Geography-based notifications also play an important role to send notifications. For example, if you have a sale exclusively for users of Denver, there is no reason to send the notification to the users of California or San Francisco. The real-time push notifications also help to drive the customer.

Compose messages to grab attention:

You can send relevant push notifications that are personalized and contextualized for the user. If you won’t target according to the personalization, the user will ignore it. The activities, behavior, and preferences are an essential parameter to retain customer base. For example, if the users are visiting and looking for the same product multiple times, then they have a high commitment to buy the product.

You can announce the arrival of new products to a related audience with new deals. This can be done based on the shoppers’ recent behavior. You can endorse flash sales or deals that help to create excitement and urgency among the audience. You can send the users notifications telling about the time limit to create an immediate effect to do a transaction.

This will help to power your website by increasing user engagement to the website. You can send the users messages with upcoming deals, discount rates, and cashback offers.

Be always creative while conveying the messages. Use emojis to promote brand image. As you are limited to the word limits, try to mention a few characters with proper information by making use of the title, copy, and images.


Web push notifications are an influential medium to think differently with new ideas to interact with your audience. Now, you know how to make your customers more engaging. However, creating a quality website or App is the basic requirement. Do your research and buy a best push notification tool that helps to build proper marketing strategies to improve customer engagement. A comprehensive strategy for your presence in the market is required to reach a maximum number of users.