7 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Are you sick and tired of your regular 9-5 job?

Do you want to travel the world and make your hobby your profession?

Is it possible to earn money just by blogging?

What should you do to convert your passion into a globetrotting adventure?

Most people who want to go into blogging experience one or the other questions stated above.

When you are looking to get into blogging as a serious profession, the above questions are understandable. This is why this article is so important for you.

In this article, we help newbie bloggers with 7 important tips to-

  • Set up their blogging website
  • Push and source their content
  • Establish relationships with the blogging community
  • Earn revenues and explore areas of monetization
  • Build their blogging brand as well as indulge in personal branding

Why you should pursue a career in Blogging and be a fulltime Blogger?

In the past couple of years, hundreds of Wall Street executives have quite their fat paycheck jobs and taken up blogging. Why?

There are multiple reasons for this, the primary ones concern boredom, burnouts, stresses and loss of freedom.

Do not get me wrong, blogging is not easy. It is exactly like managing a fulltime company or a business. You will have to do everything by yourself in the initial stages. However, the best part about blogging is that you indulge your passion for something that you love!

A blogger in 2019 is a reputable voice on the internet. He or she has thousands of followers that look up to them for advice and suggestions. A blogger is an influencer that helps shape the lives of many people around them.

No to mention, blogging can generate serious revenues for you. We are not talking about hundreds of dollars a month. We are talking about thousands of dollars.

If you are someone who wants to make a mark for yourself and earn handsomely in the process, blogging is something that you should seriously consider. The digital ecosystem has opened up infinite avenues to succeed as a Blogger.

However, there are millions of people who blog, and they blog seriously. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to follow some innovative tips to succeed.

Without further ado, let us look at 7 blogging tips for newbie bloggers.


Blogging Tips for New Bloggers: The List

1. Define your Passion

You cannot blog about something for five straight years, if you are not passionate about it.

It is that plain and simple. Having said that, if you can carry your passion and make it reflect in your site and your writing, you have a recipe for success.

You can be passionate about anything- cars, technology, cosmetics, travel, food, photography, health, fitness, and pets and so on.

 Luckily, for you, each of the above categories have millions of readers and followers. When you want to start blogging or create a website, ask yourself what are you good at.

Family and friends might have come up to you for suggestions on computers, laptops, or even travel tips. Identifying your passion and translating that into blogging is 50% of the work done.


2. Set up a WordPress Website

A WordPress website is easy to set up, affordable and can easily be optimised for SEO. There are many customization options and themes that you can choose on WordPress.

For someone who is starting out in the blogging universe, WordPress should be your number one choice for a website. There is no need to invest in a PHP website. Those websites come with a host of problems.

The best part about WordPress is the ease of publishing blogs or articles. All the functionalities that you would typically expect from a PHP site is available on WordPress. The best part? Almost all the necessary plugins like forms, security, image optimization tools, etc. are free.

You can choose between free themes or paid themes that are affordable.


3. Establish a Social Media Presence and be Active

You might not have a WordPress website, but you might have over a thousand friends and followers on social media.

It is time to leverage that and establish your reach. You need to set up social media pages for your new website immediately. It is important that you share your new business with your already existing friends and followers.

Please focus on creating complete profiles for your new website on all social media platforms. Once you have set up the profiles, start sharing your website content on social media platforms. For example, after you have written your first blog you need to-

  • Share it on your own personal social handles
  • Share it on your new website’s social handles.

This will help you gain visibility and redirect traffic from your social channels to your website. This is critical as it improves SEO scores and website metrics.


4. Identify the Top Bloggers in your Industry and start conversations

No matter what industry you want to blog about, there will be at least 100 top bloggers there. Please do not disheartened by this. Conversely, you need to use this to help yourself grow.

The first thing is making a list of all the top bloggers and their websites on an MS Excel. The next step involves studying their content and analysing their style, process and suggestions. It is always a good idea to comment on their blog articles and engage with them on social media.

This will help you be noticed in the eyes of the top bloggers in your industry. Once you establish brief credibility by writing at least a hundred blogs, you can reach out to them for collaborations.

If your intent is genuine and your content credible, you will have no problems is getting help from the industry.


5. Create an Interesting Content Strategy for your readers

Quality content is what makes bloggers become millionaires. There is absolutely no substitute for your blog being successful without quality content. It is imperative that you write and compose blogs that people would want to read, and that search engines would love.

This is a small challenge. However, this can be easily solved. Your content needs to be-

  • 100% original and non-plagiarised.
  • The content should be informative, useful and credible.
  • You should write long format blogs (2000+ words- this gives scope for keyword integrations)
  • It needs to be SEO friendly- you can use the SEO Yoast plugin on your website. This helps in optimising content for search engines.
  • Try to enrich your content with as many images, data, and infographics as possible. (Every paragraph should have a complimenting image.

Once you are able to create a minimum of 100 articles following this benchmark, you will see a marked change.


6. Explore Safe Avenues of Monetization

This is where most bloggers get greedy and destroy their credibility. Never compromise on the quality of your website or the content, no matter what the price.

Link Building, guest posting and blogger outreach are three avenues that can help in making easy money. However, there are significant dangers attached. Please evaluate the deal before putting up any link or sharing any sponsored content on your website.

It is critical that you work only with the best agencies that offer Blogger Outreach Service. They are experts that can help you monetize your website in a safe and secure fashion. You can also engage with Affiliate Marketing or register your website for Google AdSense.

However, it might get difficult for you to handle all the things on your own. This is where a good agency that offers blogger outreach services can help you in a big way.


7. Have Patience and stay in it for the long run

When you start blogging, the only thing that you will keep thinking is- how long is it going to take?

Trust me; it takes a fair amount of time. However, that being said, being a successful blogger is not impossible. You can be a successful blogger if you follow the above tips and best practices for some time. How long exactly? I will ask you to invest at least for a year.

There might be more bad days than good ones. This is all part of the challenge. The key is not to lose hope. You need to keep publishing regularly (at least one blog post per day). You will also need to maintain an active social media presence.

The majority of people who fail at blogging fail because they bail out too soon. Please do not make that mistake. If you are passionate about your blog and want to make it a profession, you need to give it at least one year.



Creating a blog site and becoming a blogger might be the most difficult decision in your life. However, it will also be the most rewarding one.

Once you are able to enjoy traffic and engagement, you will see doors opening up for you automatically. Brands will want to work with you, affiliates will want to place their links on your website, and sponsorships will become the norm.

The most successful bloggers travel the world all through the year. They wear the best designer clothes free. They eat at Michelin starred restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will be surprised to know that there are millions of people, who are looking for advices, suggestions and information.

If your content is credible and helps them, even the sky will not be the limit for you.

I would love some feedback on the article. Tell me what did you think about the 7 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers in the comments section below.