Internal Marketing: A Collision Between Marketing and HR

Did you realize that it takes the average consumer less than 10 seconds to form an opinion about your brand? If you are a business owner, you know all too well how important great branding is. Without a powerful brand, reaching a new audience with your products and services will be difficult.


As you start to grow, hiring more employees is essential. Without additional manpower, handling the increased workload a growing business demands will be impossible. Using a free applicant tracking system can be a good solution for finding the best candidates for any position in need.


Once you have your team in place, teaching them about your brand and getting them to “buy-in” to your mission is vital. One of the best ways to achieve this is by embracing the power of internal marketing. Here are some of the things to consider when trying to achieve success with your internal marketing efforts.


A Consistent Internal Marketing Strategy is Crucial

Before you can start to educate your team on branding and customer service, developing an internal marketing strategy is important. Without a roadmap of what needs to be taught to employees, you will struggle to improve their ability to interface with customers. The first step in devising an internal marketing strategy is making a list of what you hope to accomplish.


For instance, if you have noticed issues regarding your employee’s knowledge of your product or service, then your internal marketing campaign should be focused on solving these issues. Once you have an idea of what issues need to be addressed with your internal marketing efforts, it will be time to implement this strategy.


Show Employees What Your Brand Represents

Providing employees with a stack of papers that have data regarding sales figures, case studies and marketing strategies can do more harm than good. Instead of boring your team with data, work on offering them a unique brand experience.


The best way to accomplish this is by providing them with a free sample of your product or service. Allowing employees to get a hands-on experience with your product or service can help them greatly when dealing with new customers.


Once you have provided this sample of the product or service, work on answering any questions your team has about them. Providing them with information about your product or service can help them greatly in the future as they start to deal with consumers.


Ongoing Education is Imperative For Employee Success

Are you trying to find a way to make ongoing employee training easier and more successful? If you answered yes, then using a human resource information system (HRIS) is a great idea. These programs provide you with the tools needed to develop customized training programs for your employees.


Often times, an HRIS program will have a number of quizzes that employers can give to their team. The results from these tests can help you identify where skill gaps exist. As soon as you discover these issues, your main goal should be addressing them quickly. The more training you can offer your team, the easier you will find it to keep customers engaged and happy.


Building Your Brand

When trying to build a successful brand, you need all hands on deck. Using internal marketing will help you educate and motivate your team. Creating a competitive edge for your business is much easier with a great team helping you out.