Design the Perfect Sales Funnel for Your Digital Customers in 2019

We all greatly desire that people who are coming to our website consider us as their first and last option. However, to achieve that we need to make sure that it website is highly convincing. A sales funnel ensures that our website is strong enough to win the hearts and minds of our customers.


Many organizations invest almost a fortune to create a high converting sales funnel for their respective businesses. Yet, they immensely fail from time to time to grab the attention of their visitors.


Today we will learn how an interactive sales funnel is designed and how exactly does it function for any specific target audience. So without further ado, let's begin.


Different Stages of a Successful Sales Funnel

For any funnel to be successful, it is important that it passes through the following five stages.


Awareness - it is the moment when a visitor first discovers your brand or interact with your online product (i.e. your website)


Consideration - it is the moment when customers are thinking about whether they should purchase from you or your competitors


Conversion - it is the moment when the user finally makes up his/her mind, they want to purchase the product from you.


Loyalty - it is the moment when customers put their faith in your brand. They may consider you every time they want to buy a similar product.


Advocacy - it is the moment when your customers start suggesting you to other people. They are your advocates, convincing others to purchase too.


So you see, it's not just all about creating a marketing funnel that helps you make sales. Your marketing funnel or your sales funnel, whatever you consider it, goes way beyond that. So when you're designing a particular brand or setting up an online website for your business or setting up your SEO packages that wish to sell in Dubai, just make sure that you are including all the necessary stages addressed. At the same time, don't forget to keep things simple. In the wake of winning customers, people often complicate their sales funnel and trust me, it's a big no-no.


How to Build the Perfect Sales Funnel

Creating a sales funnel is no rocket science. All you have to do is follow these steps.


Step # 1: Study the Behavior of Your Visitors

Understanding your audience is the first step you take towards building yourself as a brand. Without knowing what your audience expects from you, you may end up creating a brand which has potential gaps. We call these gaps as brand pitfalls. Usually, people coming to your website would want to avoid them and so should you. Just imagine you are hosting a party and your guests start falling into dug up holes right at the entrance! Doesn't sound nice now, does it?


Hence, understand your audience better than your competitors. See where do they spend their time on your website, how they are navigating around on your website, where are they clicking, what are they doing while they are online? All of these stuff matters. It will help you build the right buyer persona for your brand and make it easier for you to reach them.


Step # 2: Time to Grab Some Attention

The only way to attract your audience is to give them something of value. You need to create something that becomes the perfect mind captivating element for them. Just like the DJ that's playing at a party! What happens when the DJ stops playing the right songs? The crowd soon disperses and head out of the venue. Same goes for your online product.


Hence, you need to make sure that your content adds value to your customers. Without great content, your business will never sell! And even if your product and service are faultless, it won't be able to make an impact that your competition is already making. Diversify! Use infographics, videos, audio bits and other forms of content to win them.


Step # 3: Design a Landing Page

Obviously, when you are going to market your website, you need to make sure that they are coming somewhere. Now leading them straight to the home screen might leave them a little confused. They might end up wondering what exactly they are doing there! Hence, it is important that you create a specific page where your audience can come over.


A landing page is what you are going to market across all your marketing channels. A good landing page will ensure that your audience is coming to the right place. It will have all the elements to entice the audience to consider you as their priority option. And it will have all the necessary CTAs. Just make sure your CTAs are bold enough to convince the audience.


Step # 4: Create an Email Campaign

If they are there on your website, it's because they showed a keen interest in your product. You can't just leave them standing right at the doorsteps. It's time to steer them in the right direction. Publish informative blog posts and educate your audience with the correct information. It will instigate the element of trust in them, so they buy from you.


Also, never forget to bombard them with too many emails. Send your subscribers or customers an email or two a week. Keep things subtle so you can easily fit into their schedule. Send them a great offer or maybe a certain discount to inspire them so they stay motivated to purchase from you.


Step # 5: Stay Connected!

In the wake of acquiring new customers, never forget your old ones. And the best way is to continue reaching out to them. Ask them if they need anything more from you. Show gratitude, thank them every time they make a purchase. Offer additional coupons if you can to entice them. Urge them to join your social media community. They can engage with others and tell them how good of a brand you are.


So these are the five most important steps a business needs in order to become truly successful. It's what makes the entire business funnel for them. So that's where I am signing off for the day! I hope it was a good read.