7 Quick Ways To Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate

Now that your web design Singapore firm has created your website; and it is up and running, what next? Well, the answer to this is you need to get more people to visit your website and increase sales. To get more people to visit you website you can do a lot of things like advertise on social media, or use Facebook ads, Google ads etc. You can send out mails on mailing lists mentioning that your website is now live. You can hire search engine optimization (SEO) experts to optimize your website and ensure that it appears on top of search engine results for specific keywords and phrases. This is the easy part, doing all this is very easy and you can get good traffic to your website with these steps and now comes the difficult part. The difficult part is to get these people to buy a product or service, to make the traffic to convert is very tough. Given below are 7 quick ways to increase your website’s conversion rate:


Call to action:

Every website is there for a purpose, so identify your purpose first. Are you looking to sell a product, are you looking to provide a service, are you looking to get more subscribers, whatever be the case ask your web design Singapore company to ensure that the call to action is clear and the user is able to see it and do the needful. Do not opt for popups as they do not help much in conversions.


Do not overcomplicate forms:

Nobody has the time to fill up long winding forms. So ask the web design Singapore firm to keep the forms as simple as possible. Most of the time you just need the name, email and phone number, but if you ask for address, website, comments etc., the person will be inclined to leave the website, so make sure that you do not overcomplicate the forms because it will have a direct bearing on the conversion rate.


Increase trust:

If you need conversions real fast then you need to increase the trust factor between the customer and the website. This can be achieved by posting real testimonials of satisfied customers. If your potential customers contact them the happy customers will give a good review and it will lead to conversion. If you are a part of big associations or affiliated to a good brand make sure that it is known because people trust a good brand and they will also trust your website. If your website has won any awards make it a point to showcase it prominently in the website, ask your web design Singapore firm to do this.


Ensure good content:

At the end of the day only good content will help you to get good conversions. Make sure that the web design Singapore firm takes this into account. Make your headline eye catching and attractive. It is the hook that is necessary to reel in the customers. You have only a few seconds to impress the customer so make good use of it.


Promote advantages not features:

One of the things that annoy a customer is fancy language. Too much fancy language means the product is not worth it according to most customers. Do not oversell, keep it to the point. There may be a lot of features to your product or services, do not over emphasize them, people tend to get put off with many features. Rather you should emphasize the advantages of using a product or service. When people see tangible benefits of using your product or service you are bound to get conversions.


Add videos:

Ask your web design company to add videos to the website. People like to see rather than read and if the advantages of the product or service can be seen on video, people tend to buy more.


Simple design:

A very important point is to keep your web design simple. If your web design is very flashy people may opt to leave the website. This could severely hamper conversions, so to increase the rate of conversion try to keep your website UX design as minimalistic as possible.