Is it possible to master experiential marketing on a tight budget for 2019 businesses?

What happens when you take marketing off the beaten track and bring the campaign right next door to your target audience? What happens when people start feeling a tangibility towards your brand and products? Does it build a real consumer and brand relationship? Is it worth spending the extra few bucks?

You can get all the answers from the experts from the recognized New York experiential agency Roots³ Productions today. Experiential marketing is all about opening and maintaining a two-way communication channel for your consumers. The time to broadcast messages to your consumers and wait till they flood through the gates of your retail store is long gone.

People of NY are all in for new experiences. They have the indomitable urge to be a part of something meaningful and unique. That might be why you can see more people spending the extra dough on cruelty-free, vegan products instead of the good old retail stuff that come with much lower price tags. These new indie brands provide the consumers to be a part of something meaningful and impactful. When people "invest" in such brands, they feel genuinely better about their expense decisions and their smart choices.

What are you doing currently to improve your brand image or craft a story exclusively for your target customers they can trust? 2019 is the peak of the experience economy, and if you are not on-board right now, it is going to be a costly year ahead for you and your brand.


Why do you need NY experiential marketing experts for your upcoming campaign?

More than 79% of all brands are likely to participate in experiential marketing or host events or co-partner with non-competing brands to organize events this year. However, only 39% of the same brands capture the buzz on social media about these events for curating actionable data. Now, as we move forward towards a new quarter, we do expect more brands to embrace new technology that can follow user metrics on social media. However, the tracking now extends way beyond that and into the realm of personal wearables, and personalization of ad preferences on the web by each individual.

Each brand working out of NY should pay close attention to the highly diverse demographics. In-depth, nubile research is irreplaceable during the preparatory phase of your experiential marketing campaign. Proper research data can open up new avenues of advertising and marketing in the experiential domain. Some of these campaign ideas might be exuberantly costly, while others can be just as effective without breaking the bank.

The ideas that are perfect for your brand will depend on its image, mission, and vision. Therefore, you need an agency from New York that not only understands your products but also the brand ideals and the target demographics. While that sounds simple when we limit it to one sentence, it takes hours of hard work for seasoned marketing experts to generate actionable data for a single event.


How to save money on experiential marketing without compromising the impact of the campaign?

Some prominent brands in New York have chosen branded pop-up stores as their way of offering an exclusive experience to their target consumers. Many of the state-of-art pop-ups involve the cooperation between multiple brands and that is more effective due to the following reasons –

  1. They deliver surprising but relevant experiences
  2. They can engage emotions for a holistic experience
  • They can go to the audience at their comfort zone
  1. They speak to a consumer base directly and keep their brand image tangible by employing representatives

Branded pop-ups can be exuberant or budget-friendly depending on which experiential marketing agency in NY you are working with. The choice of co-partner, location, products, transportation, and tech will also influence the cost. However, keeping a bare minimum budget for organizing a successful pop-up is definitely possible and beauty retailer YSL has shown that by endorsing a "gas station" at Coachella in 2019.


How to maximize the reach of your budget experiential marketing campaign?

One of the most effective ways to drive success without burrowing into your company’s capitals is by utilizing event-based software and applications. If your organization already has running applications, you can choose to add special features for the event attendees. Sometimes, these special features can be as simple as a map showing the live location of the user. At other times, you might want to organize treasure hunts or escape rooms for your participants that they can crack using clues they receive on registered numbers.


What should you never forget before planning a marketing event for your consumers?

No matter what budget you are working on and how many brand representatives you want to involve in an event, do remember to keep the entire shebang shareable on social media. Create kiosks for Instagrammable photoshoots and branded standees that offer more than the typical brand and product info. Innovation is going to be your best friend when leveraging experiential marketing in New York on a shoestring budget.