Get Back To Basics With These 6 Traditional Marketing Tactics

The digital era had made digital marketing a must for every business across every industry. If you’re not online, you simply don’t exist. However, don’t count out traditional marketing tactics. Traditional marketing tactics like hosting events and direct mail still have a place in the digital world.


For instance, 54 percent of consumers said that they still want direct mail from the brands they like. And 70 percent of consumers said that getting mail is far more personalized than receiving a form of marketing online.


Statistics like the ones above are a clear call to action for businesses not to count out traditional marketing tactics. This is especially true for businesses serving a specific community, where personalization is critical to business growth and success.


Let’s take a closer look at a few “still relevant” traditional marketing tactics you can easily employ for maximized results.


1. Direct Mail

Direct mail definitely has positive ROI, even in today’s digital age. The benefits of direct mail for your business is the ability to express creativity and personalization to your audience. You also get to really narrow down your target audience using direct mail too. Did you know that direct mail in certain industries has a much higher response rate than digital marketing means?


But you will need to get your direct mail material in order for a successful campaign. For example, you need to decide on postcard mailer, or envelope and letter mailer style. For envelope and letter, you may want a more professional look and feel, using window envelopes and very high grade letter paper.


2. Creative Signs

Signage is a traditional marketing must do. However, you can’t simply rely on a regular old sign anymore. You need to get creative and think outside the box. For instance, you can mix traditional marketing with digital by employing digital signage that can be placed on top of delivery driver cars, or even taxis.


There are also large digital sign trailers and floating digital signs available to explore how much signage can impact your sales efforts in a positive way. Signs are always a great marketing go to, but they certainly need to be adapted for today.


3. Billboards

Thi traditional marketing tactic can be very beneficial, depending on the type of business you have, and where you may be located. Billboards are still very much relevant when it comes to marketing. Especially if you have your business on a billboard that happens to be hanging over a major highway.


But there are a few must-dos in order to make your billboard marketing efforts successful. A few of these include:


  • Do your research on the traffic on the roadway where the billboard is located
  • Make it easy for people to connect by having your phone number on the billboard
  • Make your marketing message short and enticing
  • Add color contrast to the billboard so it pops out to attract more eyeballs


4. Print Advertisements

There are still plenty of newspapers, city guides, and magazines being published daily, so print advertisements are still very much relevant for marketing your business. In fact, print ads can generate quite a few leads if done right.


For instance, if you have a pet product line exclusively for dogs, you could take buy big print ads in three major dog magazines and see a jump in leads. If your a local business owner, think about those city guides and newspapers to round up more business. Print ads are definitely worth the investment.


5. Host An Event

Events are a great traditional marketing tactic to show appreciation for current customers, as well as spark new business opportunities. It’s all about generating buzz around your brand by hosting a great event that could focus on a business theme with guest speakers, or simple a networking cocktail event.


6. In-Person Marketing

There is one traditional marketing tactic that will simply never die. In-person interaction between you and your potential customer. It is the oldest form of marketing, and one of the most successful, even in today’s digital age. Nothing beats human interaction. So long as you are good at it.


If you happen to be an introvert, hire a sales and marketing team for your business that aren’t. But be sure that there is a strategy for every meeting. For instance, never pitch. People do not like getting a sales pitch anymore. It’s better to have an honest conversation and let the sale happen organically. This will make your in-person marketing tactic successful.


In Conclusion . . .

The above traditional marketing tactics can get your business moving in the right direction. It is important to integrate these types of traditional marketing tactics with your digital campaigns, because you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket. Do you have any powerful traditional tips for business owners? We want to hear from you.