5 Unforgivable Ecommerce Marketing Mistakes To Fix Right Now

Many new e-commerce merchants assume that launching and maintaining an online store is going to be easy. In turn, they fail to develop promising strategies. One of the most common weak spots for new e-commerce businesses is marketing. As an e-commerce merchant attempting to boost your ROI, you need to start with your marketing tactics. Read this post to learn about the most unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistakes to fix right now. 


Not Using Email Marketing 

Firstly, e-commerce marketing teams that do not use email marketing struggle to earn high profits. They often assume that email marketing is a long-gone tactic that does not drive conversions in today's highly competitive market. On the contrary, quality email marketing strategies increase sales for online shops in various industries. An email newsletter campaign can enable you to stay in touch with previous buyers and potential customers. You can easily build relationships with your target audience and convince them to purchase your products. Automate your email marketing so that you never miss out on a good time to contact your audience. Then, you will fix this unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistake. 


Overlooking The Importance Of UX

Many e-commerce businesses also make the marketing mistake of overlooking the importance of user experience (UX). Unfortunately, you cannot simply earn high profits from selling great products. You need to offer your visitors an impressive online experience when they browse your website. This is a particularly detrimental mistake to make in the e-commerce world because of the growing number of online shops. You need to do everything in your power to persuade consumers to purchase products from your store instead of your competitors' stores. An effective way to improve your UX is to upgrade your search function. There are plenty of extensions such as BigCommerce site search that allow marketing professionals to enhance their visitors’ search results. Consider using these search solutions and tools to fix this common e-commerce UX mistake.


Using Messy Link Structures

Moreover, e-commerce merchants often make the mistake of using messy link structures. They usually assume that link structures do not impact their online stores' success rates. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Messy links negatively affect search engine optimization (SEO). Use simple URLS throughout your site. Customers should be able to remember them easily. Leave long lists of numbers out of your URLs as well. Keep them short and sweet instead. Furthermore, include keywords in your URLs so that popular search engines like Google recognize them. If you fix this common yet unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistake, you will increase your search rankings. 


Failing To Use A Consistent Voice

In order to thrive online, e-commerce marketing teams need to speak with a consistent brand voice. When teams make the mistake of being inconsistent with their brand voices, they confuse customers. More so, they reduce their chances of building trustful relationships with prospective buyers. In turn, they fail to increase their sales. Avoid this outcome by establishing one brand voice and sticking to it. Use the same voice on all marketing channels. From social media channels to in-store advertisements, your target audience needs to hear the same voice. Fix this unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistake quickly to build a loyal customer base. 


Not Measuring Success Rates

Furthermore, not measuring success rates is a major mistake that e-commerce marketing teams make. If you do not track key metrics, you will not have the information you need to improve your current strategies. Brands that do not measure their successes end up falling far behind their competitors who do. However, if you do track key metrics, you will be able to identify what is and what is not working in your campaigns. Then, you can change your strategies according to your results and beat out your competition. Avoid making this unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistake by tracking key metrics that provide insight into customer data.


Despite many new e-commerce business owners' beliefs, running an online store is no easy feat. Merchants who assume that it is often make the crucial mistake of not launching email marketing campaigns to increase reach. They also usually overlook how important user experience is. Many use messy link structures that constantly decrease their rankings on popular search engines like Google. If you do not use a consistent brand voice, you are also making a common marketing mistake. Lastly, several e-commerce marketing teams fail to track key metrics and, in turn, are unaware of their success rates. Fix these unforgivable e-commerce marketing mistakes right now to succeed in the market.