What are the Facebook creative design traps to avoid?

Currently, Facebook has been very popular on social media marketing business advertisements.  It allows the business to reach out to their targeted market, but fail to gain the viewer's attention. On average, a person reads 20% of web content but with the help of visuals, the entire concept can be conveyed with ease. These creative adds can make an advertisement campaign and can break it too. There are a few traps which you must avoid while designing a Facebook campaign. 


Specific Goal:

You should not waste your money on Facebook likes and brand awareness unless you have an unlimited budget. Conversions must be the specific goal of your social media marketing strategy. Through this, the attention of the relevant person can be obtained, who will enter into your subjected website and convert into a lead.


Unique Design:

A Facebook user does scroll down the page for a few minutes. You will have a few seconds to grab the attention of the user. For that, the design needs to be unique and eye-catching. Following the same pattern similar to others, your business will not make any difference from others. 


  • The design must give out a calm feel.
  • The image including a person with eye contact with the visitor will give a personal vibe. 
  • The higher number of words will give less engagement, a design with a high number of words will get rejected by Facebook. 
  •  Check with the trendy ads and try to make similar ads like 3D motions. 
  •  Be funny and interactive but not fake. The users do visit Facebook to get relaxed when such funny ads appear it's likely to be easy for conversions.  


Design for your audience:

When there are many kinds of audiences, it is better to concentrate on your targeted audience. If you want to target multiple markets, then segregate your audience and make the designs accordingly. 


No Rules: 

The design shouldn't have any rules. You must follow the trends and the audience's interest before making a design. Make three to four designs for the ads and check with the relevant audience. Through this, you will get to know which one is the best for your business. 


Vanity Metrics:

When you are testing out on Facebook, do not check with the likes, shares and all. Check with the lead generations and sales. It is the main point of the advertisements. Through this, the business must get the qualified lead and have an increase in sales. 


These are the few mistakes you need to avoid while dealing with the designs which promote your business on Facebook. You can approach a digital marketing agency, which provides SMM services in Hyderabad if you want to make a difference from your competitors. Here you can find the expert people who know all the in's and out's of the Facebook designs, which can help you with your business ads designing.