8 Best Sites to Take Paid Online Surveys in 2019

Online businesses are booming. With that said, smart people are spending most of their days on the internet, and this time it’s for a good reason. Many people are earning good cash by taking online surveys. No one is letting the opportunity pass, and as days go by, more sites are coming up offering the service. The main question you should be asking yourself is, are these sites genuine, and if yes, which are the best site to take paid surveys in 2019? Well, the list is long, and it is hard to exhaust it, but then here is a carefully analyzed list of the top eight sites to take paid surveys.


Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a great site that offers good money for you to take online surveys. Their questions are relatively easy, and they always revolve around significant brands. You get to earn cash that can top up to £10 per survey. That means that if you take a couple of surveys in a day, you are good to go. Another great feature of the Opinion bureau is that they pay using PayPal. It is thus easy to track your payments as well as your balances. They also guarantee fast withdrawals. But keep in mind that not all surveys pay good money. Some are a bit low, but if you keep an eye out, you are going to land a couple of high paying surveys.

Survey Junkie

If you are looking for a straight forward survey paying site, then you should sign up with Survey junkie. You can do it using your Facebook account or your email account, whichever suits you. Once you do, you get to enjoy a wide variety of surveys that are well paying. They also pay anyone who answers their screening questions. To keep you up to speed, they are going to offer you valuable information on how much you can make on the site. Another plus that makes survey junkie one of the best survey sites is that they don’t have any special requirements.



One poll has a considerable number of surveys that they provide on behalf of major brands. What makes it an attractive site is that they have short, straightforward, and quick surveys which most people love. Their payment is not that good, but they are always flooding with surveys, and so you can easily reach their withdrawal threshold. You need to keep checking your account every day in case there are several high paying surveys available on the site. It is an excellent place to earn extra cash and do something useful instead of roaming around the internet aimlessly and making nothing at the end of the day.


YouGov is for any person who wants quick and regular surveys. Their topics majorly revolve around commercial products, politics and public affairs. First, you have to register just like another online survey site. You can then fill a form to get free points and proceed to take paid surveys. Anytime you accumulate enough points, go ahead and check the available reward option to see which rewards suit you. They also send emails whenever they have a survey. You are rarely going to find a survey in which you don't qualify.


PrizeRebel is one of the few online survey sites that offer you a chance to make money at the comfort of your home. It may not be as top-class as sites like Swagbucks due to its rates, but it is among the best sites at the moment. They have an offer wall that has different opportunities as well as various paid tasks. Payments can be made either using your PayPal account or in the form of gift cards. They also pay using bitcoins, making it an interesting place to take online surveys. All you have to do is register and start earning.

Toluna influencers

Toluna not only pays for taking surveys but also tasting or sampling products at home. Before they allow you to do either, you have to register. There is a form available once you do and filling it earns you some points. The platform is available worldwide, and they always have surveys for you to fill. They make payments via PayPal and even gift cards. You, however, have to log in more often to check out surveys since they never send email notifications when there is one that you qualify. You get to earn points for attempting a survey even if you don’t finish. Such features make Toluna a great site to make money.


Pinecone research

There are survey sites that can disappoint you, but pinecone research is not one of them. It is a genuine online survey site that aims at giving you an easy time taking surveys. It is an affiliate of Harris Poll Online and a popular website with many surveys to take. You first have to give information about yourself to help them allocate surveys that go hand in hand with your age and preferences. Their cash threshold is flexible, so you don't have to worry about hitting a specific mark.


With over 5million members, Lifepoints is one of the best survey sites that guarantees payment. They believe their goal is not to survey but to provide valid information that helps commercial brands to grow better. The more surveys, the more Life Points you collect. Once you have enough, you can use them to get a reward, something that is quite interesting. The site may not pay much, but they are trustworthy. You can also convert your life points to cash and withdraw via PayPal. For an old site, Lifepoints is making a statement in the industry.


Those are the best online survey sites at the moment. What makes them feature on the list is their convenience and fast way to take surveys and earn cash. The sites are also legit and have proven to be among the best ways to make cash. Its time you start earning extra money, and that is by taking surveys online.