5 Types of Push Notifications Users Actually Like

Creating Notifications Users Will Love

Most of us can’t put down our smartphones and it seems these little devices have never played a more important role in our everyday lives. This is something many companies have already figured out which is why they decided to design their own apps. Apps and push notifications to go hand by hand but not all users enjoy having messages pop up on their screens. Therefore, it’s essential to come up with push notifications users won’t dismiss as soon as they appear. And if you’re wondering what these are, here’s a list of five types of push notifications users actually like.


Encouraging and motivating notifications

With the amount of interaction we now have with our smartphones, it’s no wonder why we need notifications that remind us to do something. However, the way apps do this can have a huge effect on how the user feels. Let’s say you’ve installed a fitness app that helps you lose weight or build muscles. Having the app remind you when you’re supposed to be working out is great but if the tone it uses is judging, it can actually decrease your motivation and make you less likely to do your workout session. Also, if you’re sick, the last thing you need is to have an app judge you for skipping training. On the other hand, notifications that use encouraging and motivating tone are exactly what you need to keep working towards your goals.


Personalized notifications

Just think about it – why would anyone want to get a notification that has absolutely nothing to do with them? Relying on notifications that say something about your product or organization may sound like a good idea but chances are most users will just ignore them. However, sending personalized notifications makes users more likely to try to understand your message and act on it. This is where customer data comes into play. The more data you manage to collect on your customers, the better your push notifications will be. Your app will only be able to send notifications users like if it truly understands what your customers love to do and how they do it. In case you need inspiration, just take a look at how Netflix App sends users notifications about new episodes of their favorite TV shows.


Relevant notifications

You may have already got this but it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to make your notifications relevant. If a user bought something from your online store, it doesn't necessarily mean they want to be notified about everything that's going on in your business. Send too many irrelevant notifications and you'll risk getting labeled as a "spammer" which is never a good idea. Keep coming up with new ideas about what users might really be interested in and find a way to incorporate that into your notifications. Just check out the AskGamblers App and the way it keeps players in the iGaming sector up to date with everything that's going on in the industry.


Exciting notifications

How often do you find yourself in a place that’s not exactly where you want to be? If you’re watching TV in your living room but you dream about lying on a warm sandy beach, you could be just one notification away from actually getting there. Having an airline company send you a notification about a cheap flight that’ll get you there may be exactly what you need at that moment. This type of notifications has proven to be effective in every industry and can do wonders for just any company out there. Think about what is it that your business sells that might excite customers. Come up with a way to put that into an energizing message and you can be assured your notifications will never be dismissed. Just have in mind that collecting data on your customers can also help you learn what defines exciting for them.


Time-sensitive notifications

If you want your push notifications to be effective, they need to be timely. For example, if you want to inform a driver about a blockage on their route, you have to do it before they reach that area. Send the notification too late and the message will be of no use for the user. No matter what your business does, sending time-sensitive notifications can prove to be extremely effective. For instance, if you offer special deals that are time-limited, notifying users before the offer expires is a must. Get it right and you can expect more people to engage in your message. Of course, it's also important to keep your notifications as relevant as possible. Don't remind your customers of time frames and deadlines they don't care about.


The bottom line

As mentioned in the introduction, not all users are fans of push notifications. Some of them don't have time to read the message while others simply feel they have better things to do. However, by opting for the right type of push notifications, you get a chance to have everyone stop for a few seconds and check out what your message is about. More and more brands are introducing push notifications and now seems to be the perfect time for you to do the same.