Ten reasons to strategize your digital marketing plan in 2020!


Digital medium rules the world. Right from the time an individual wake up to the time he sleeps, he is surrounded by technology and innovation. In earlier times, our country used to be worried about the increasing population of the nation. But today, we are more worried about how to increase the traffic on our website.

With changing times and technology, there has been a drastic shift in the way technology has ruled us and how we ruled technology. Earlier, there were only a few selected people who used to work with technology and the whole nation would be making use of the same. Today there is almost one individual in every household who is working with technology in one way or another. Not just that, people have started to explore the possibilities of earning money from technology from a very young age.

Almost half of the small, as well as the medium-sized businesses which sell internationally, had begun exporting “accidentally” when the foreign buyers had found them on the internet, and out of these 77 percent are confident that their international sales will grow by 30 percent on an average in the next five years, as per the 2017 American Express Grow Global survey. (This survey had sampled 501 U.S. companies, which were ranging in size varying from $250,000 to almost less than $1 billion in annual revenues, which reported a portion of their company’s annual earnings are currently accrued from the sale of the goods or services outside of the nation.)


Digital marketing: A business overview

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that is used for all of the online marketing efforts of the company. Businesses try to leverage digital channels like social media, Google search, email as well as websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Right from the company website to its online business assets like email marketing, digital advertising, online brochures and much more. There is a huge spectrum of a variety of tactics to be considered. The best of the digital marketers have a clear idea of how each of these assets supports the overarching company goals.

Digital marketing is a concept that is used to describe an integrated marketing service that is used to attract, engage as well as convert the customers online. The digital marketing makes use of several channels such as influencer marketing, content marketing, social media, SEO, and online advertising to aid the brand to connect with its potential customers and to uncover the performance of all the marketing programs on a real-time basis.

The digital platforms aid the companies to reach out to international customers by creating a strong online presence, putting up the customized materials and posts, initiating and handling all enquiries as well as trying to simplify the communications.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

With the online website coming into existence there are several benefits that the customers, as well as the business itself, will get and due to which the customers prefer to use the services of the company thus resulting in more profits. These benefits are as follows -

  1. Improves Company Image
  2. 24/7 365 Hour Availability
  3. Enhanced Customer Support
  4. Very Low Start-up Costs
  5. The worldwide web is created to do Business
  6. Reduces the Operation Costs

Ten reasons to strategize your digital marketing plan in 2020

The online market is becoming even more complicated than ever before. With a new competitor coming up every day, it is almost impossible for any business to succeed in their online business without an efficient and effective digital marketing strategy. Similar to a business strategy, a digital marketing strategy will detail out the ways to reach out to prospective customers and ensure an increase in the website traffic and convert that traffic into potential sales.

That is not all, there are several other reasons too for having a digital marketing strategy in place. These are discussed out as under.

1. Online Demand

The first and foremost reason is Online Demand. The businesses are generally used to catering only to their clients and customers to whom they have been servicing all this time. They have trained themselves to best serve the “loyal” customers but they are at a loss when they are asked to serve other kinds of clients. A Digital marketing strategy exposes the business to an online demand which is quite unexpected in many ways. An effective digital marketing strategy will help the organization to align the business activities to cater to the needs of the online customers, thus increasing the business profits and customer base.

2. Competition

Competition is a complete reason in itself to have a digital marketing strategy in place. Now the field has been unified by the giant bulldozer of digital marketing. In such a situation, even the slightest oversight on the part of the business can leave them susceptive to the loss of some really valuable clients. This approach can be adopted by not only the new start-ups but even by the existing organizations that have invested a significant amount of time and effort in their digital marketing strategies.

3. Communication

The target audience may prefer what the business thinks is the ace up to the sleeve. By providing digital marketing and giving a proper forum for it, the business can put the product out in the open online market for some pointers and transmission which will help to provide much better service to the customers based on their feedback.

Social media offers valuable insights to the business about the public’s likes, dislikes, and preferences. A marketer can craft strategic customer interactions and guide or influence their behaviors from this significant information.

4. Integration

With the traditional media and the circulation devices, the business is exposing itself to a lot of dual -work. Rather one can make use of the digital marketing plan with the help of a proper strategy to overcome the incompatibility between the stock and the scion. But to do this most efficiently, one needs to merge the digital marketing strategy with the traditional marketing channels. This would increase the business effectivity and even help to optimize the business results.

5. Conservation

The concepts of Integration and Conservation are related to each other. A business can even avoid duplication by creating this strategy in advance and then sharing it with the people, not only the employees who work with the digital marketing task but even the ones who work with the traditional marketing media. This helps the business to ensure that even the barest minimum of the resources do not go waste. It will help you make better profits as the business will be saving on both, labor as well as the cost.

6. The Customer

Digital marketing even makes use of social media to find the target audience and enhance the relationship with potential customers. For a business, there is no single thing that is more pertinent than its consumers. According to John Wanamaker, the customer is the king. And to serve the king will only make the business prosperous.

7. Planning

The next reason is planning. A well planned digital marketing strategy would have as its base a raison d’etre of the company. The objectives of the company should be reflected in the end-result of the digital marketing strategy.

With the help of the goals that are set, the company would be able to achieve a more successful outreach, exploring new customers and converting the leads, optimizing the product and boost the conversion rates. All of this is only possible to be done with clarity and precision which goes along with the business strategy in place.

This will help to better calculate as well as evaluate the results. If a business follows the digital marketing strategy not simply in the letter but even in the spirit, by the end of the year, they will be just where they aspired to be.

8. Content

One of the biggest advantages of creating a well-formulated digital marketing strategy is the content. The content is most clearly seen on the company's website. It is important to think about how an individual, who is randomly browsing on the internet may feel if they come across the company website?

Would they be immediately hooked on and interested in the business to know more? It is possible to ensure the same with digital marketing? All the aspects on the website should implicitly advertise the brand. One can do it discreetly, keeping the website simple and agreeable, and by doing small things such as changing the colors, font and accessibility features. It is primarily about determining the tone of the content. The correct images with the correct words may create the perfect magic to attract consumers to the website.

9. Allocation

The allocation comes into play not only in the larger organizations but even in the small enterprises that can work on these suggestions for smoother functioning along with less wastage of the tools, programs, and manpower. It is the easiest thing to do when there is a lucid strategy for the marketing plan, and then set some clear goals for the employees and the business. This helps the organization to set a more clear and accurate budget for the allocation of funds more competently.

10. Optimization

The last but not the least reason is the overall benefit to the business i.e. Optimization! A well-planned strategy would help to improve the entire working of the business, not only marketing. The drawbacks that are associated with the traditional media would never bother the business anymore when they have a digital marketing strategy in place. This is because digital marketing is extremely flexible. One can make a fortune out of it, if planned well and implemented in the right way.


The beauty of the internet is that the prospective clients can be just a click away from the online store. Through the use of the internet, businesses can educate, instruct as well as solve the client's problems. Your business can directly accept the orders and payments and get them straight to the inbox.

To know more about digital marketing strategy you must follow top trending digital marketing blogs. Thus digital marketing is an ocean of opportunities for the ones who are ready to explore it. There are pearls of opportunities that, if discovered by the marketers at the right time can lead to success. Although similar to diving, there is a need to stay in the ocean for longer periods as the time it takes to achieve the treasure of success may vary in the direction adopted. But if planned well, the digital marketing strategy would ensure nothing but success on thoughtful implementation.