How to Promote an App with PPC Advertising

The ever-increasing number of mobile applications today in the market has made it difficult for advertisers to make their apps stand out and increase downloads. According to a “big sorry” data from Google, about 60% of applications have never been downloaded, making it a waste of potential in each store. An effective way to increase the visibility of your mobile app and drive downloads worldwide is to promote it through Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. It is important to know that Facebook, Google Play, YouTube, AdMob, and Google Search all have more than a billion users worldwide. You can reach your audience no matter the niche of your app. 

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the five ways you can promote an app with PPC advertising.


Create A Landing Page 

The first step to promote your mobile app is to create a landing page, which is also your app-focused website. This website will revolve around the current stance of your app in its development stages. A landing page will serve as a hub for all the information about your newly developed mobile app. It will also help to shape the identity of your application with its emblem and color palette. Additionally, a landing page will help showcase your app’s purpose and core features for everyone to see and take note of. You can be able to interact with your customers through your landing page before the launch of your app.


The first stage to creating a landing page is aligning the final part of your application’s strategic planning phase together with producing its brand materials. Once that is done, it is essential that you buy a domain name for your landing page, which should reflect the name of your mobile application. Your landing page will make visitors discover you very quickly and portray your app’s story. 


Most importantly, ensure your landing page is mobile-responsive so that users checking on mobile devices can instantly click and visit the app’s download page. This way, you can have the same outreach strategy for mobile and desktop visitors.


Use Visuals 

A picture can tell a thousand words. When it comes to marketing, human beings are wired to process visuals much faster than they can read text. An upsurge in Instagram and video marketing is proof of the growth in the visual medium of communication. Visual contents are more engaging and thus, they get more likes, shares, and clicks.


Besides this, videos are easier to check out on devices with small form factors like mobile devices. Not only that, visual stories on your landing page can help promote your mobile app because they can be shared easily. As a marketer, brand awareness can be a difficult thing to achieve when working in a competitive market. Hence, make use of visual content to speed up your brand awareness to the height you want it to achieve.


Creating explainer videos for landing pages about your mobile app is fairly straightforward with tools that can help you do this

A/B Testing

A/B testing, often referred to as bucket testing, is a method of testing which version of the landing page or ad does better during a marketing campaign. When performing an A/B test, you will need to do a little tweak that involves changing a phase of your campaign and running both variants to collect vital information on performance. The need for an A/B test during marketing is to make use of the change that had better performance.


For instance, when you write two different phrases on your Call To Action (CTA) on your landing page, you can decide to run both of them simultaneously and see which one got a better conversion rate. Bucket testing gives you better data to back up your decisions during a marketing campaign. It’s highly necessary that you do more tests to help shape your marketing strategies. Some examples of the areas you need to test in your campaign are Headlines, Graphics, CTA button and text, Images, Product description, Ad copy, and Subheadlines.


To conduct an A/B test for your campaign, you need to know which campaign element you want to test by looking for landing pages or adverts that are underperforming. Secondly, you need to create two variants of that same element that is underperforming. Thirdly, set up a timeline for your test, and then run it. Lastly, check your results and apply the changes. 


Performing an A/B test will improve your ROI, campaign performance, and increase your certainty on every marketing strategy that you have.


Measure Ad Performance 

After running your PPC campaign for a while, it is necessary to measure its impact on your app downloads and usage. There is a wide array of tools you can use to measure this.


For instance, you can use the Click-through rate to measure your PPC campaign just by dividing the number of visitors who clicked your ad by the number of people that see it. Another metric to use is Cost Per Conversion (CPC), which is very vital to determine how much you have to spend on your advert. It is a red flag if the cost of your campaign is more than what you earn from a new lead, and it is not good for your campaign budget.


Another metric is the Search Impression Share. The Search Impression Share showcases the percentage total number of times your advert would have shown versus the actual number of times it was shown. Conversion rate can be used to measure your ad performance. It is often referred to as the number of times a visitor clicked your ad and showcased the willingness to use your services within a window time. You can also make use of heatmaps and session replays to see what users are doing on your landing page and to better your optimization. 


Nurture and remarket

If you are capturing visitors' emails from your landing page, it is very crucial to nurture them through email marketing. Sending them emails about your offerings and what they stand to benefit by using your mobile app is a good way to begin. You can also use remarketing to reach out to your visitors. Remarketing conversion rates can help boost your impressions over time. This is because it gives people a good reminder to conclude what they have started on your website; at the same time, reinforcing the awareness of your mobile app every time they see you around.


Final Words

If you have a mobile app, using the Pay Per Click method is a great way to promote it and generate more downloads. This is because it is the easiest form of online marketing out there. Despite how easy it is, if done wrong, the awareness of your mobile app may not reach the required heights. Hence, this article emphasized how to do it right away. Follow these methods and boost your mobile app awareness.