Track User Actions On Word Press Website With These Ten Best Tools

The process of tracking and analysis of your site user offers an excellent value to your platform. The analysis plays a role in the search engine optimization and helps in determining ways of boosting the marketing of both the products that you sell and the entire brand value. It will be easy evaluating the analytics and the activities of the user, which increases traffic of your site. 

With the use of the correct pug-in, it is possible to see all the details concerning users or visitors. It also gives all the activities they are undertaking on your website. There is accumulated great word press plug-ins that helps in monitoring all the information. In case you want to keep watch on the user's log or view the details of the traffic, then various plug-ins will give an accurate analysis of the wordpress setup of your site.


  1. The user’s activity log

Tracking the activities of a user on a website with several users is one tedious work to do. For an efficient solution to know what exactly the users are doing on your website, and then you can track it down by the use of the activity log. The activity log is a compactable plug-in with a Gutenberg. It is a free set up that helps in main word press updates, themes, plug-in, page and even posts updates. You can always notify when a particular user login into the website.

For the paid version, it will offer you more details concerning your website users. This is because it displays all the operations done by the web visitor like log in attempt, creation, updates or deleted records. It can be achieved through importing and exporting all the log details for viewing. Thus, the user activity log pro is a useful plug-in for any website owner, manage, the marketer who ought to check on the user's activities.


  1. Google analytics dashboard plug-in

It is the most popular and most used word press plug-in that enhances growth for your business worldwide. Thus, it is an excellent solution for business platform, ecommerce stores as well as developers. It will aid connecting your business with real-time information.

It helps in tracking your site's actionable analytics reports. It does this through event tracking, ecommerce tracking, post tracing, among others. Therefore, it is possible to measure its popularity since there more than two million active installs.


  1. Jetpack

It offers all the security solutions for your word press site. This happens through the protection of the Brute-force attack, filtering of the spam and downtime monitoring. Thus, you can use it for your self-hosted blogs that will aid in speeding up your page loading.

Besides, it allows for code-free customization. Therefore, it is possible to customize your homepage, sidebars, widgets and blog posts with the use of the jetpack. Also, it has PayPal payments that are for selling products and services from your site. To acquire maximum exposure on your website, you can purchase the SEO tools from various browsers in the likes of Google, Twitter, Bing, among others.


  1. Simple History

Simple history creates awareness of any underlying changes made on your platform. It helps in tracking much crucial information that occurs on your site. It is possible to check on the changes made either on the posts, pages, comments, plug-in and many more. This is because it provides an RSS feed those changes the features that you need to check for modifications.


  1. Clicky analytics

Clicky Analytics is an ideal solution for a well-detailed word press website. The plug-in puts the tracking codes on every page of your site; hence the authorized users can see their visitors.  With its cache feature, it will help in speeding up your website.


  1. WP statistics

It is one of the most potent plug-ins that help in analyzing your website's user interests without tampering with the information or sending it to the third party. You can acquire the details about visitors to your platform.  Also, you can quickly know the arrival point of the site visitors, the browser they are using, and the content they visit most. All this information can be got in attractive graphic representation.


  1. Crazy egg

The crazy egg word press plug-in helps in analyzing your site’s user click and the primary use of your website. It is a heat map tool that allows you to get, click and scroll the heat maps. It is possible to divide the heat map data into traffic source by its valuable features known as confetti. It helps you to see the client's interaction with your platform.


  1. Page visit counter

The plug-in helps in displaying the real-time page visitor encounter on the exact pages of the website.  You can choose to add the platform counter and customize its layout and design according to your platform's requirement. There are two different counter available with individual page visit count and total site count. It is a useful tool for online business in terms of tracking their online visitors and analyzing the traffic of the site.


  1. Wassup analytics

 It is an outstanding tool that helps in analyzing your platform visitor's traffic by giving the real-time stats. It does in-depth tracking by showing incredible information concerning the site. It is one of the most crucial plug-ins for SEO and the statistic analytic that needs correct results for their online business. It is easy to use and very flexible when it comes to visitors activities.


  1. Simple feed stats

It is a simple plug-in that helps in tracking him website's details freely. It collects daily statistic and the complete information for every feed at any given time. With its four monitoring methods, it is in a position to automatically track the custom feeds with the help of API.



When choosing the outstanding plug-in for your website, it all depends on the functionality that you want to add to the site. All the listed plug-ins is listed with their unique and advanced features and performs differently to solve diverse issues.