8 Strategies To Increase Brand Visibility

The importance of having a good, healthy brand cannot be overstated. The brand is essentially the identity of your business, which gives it a unique personality. A lot of people tend to mix the brand with the logo, but the brand is much more than that. It doesn't refer only to visual aspects, such as colors, typography, and other visual elements, but also the model of storytelling, marketing strategies and so on. In order to put your brand in the center of public attention, you'll need to have a solid marketing strategy that will make your brand familiar with the right audience. This article will show you some of the most efficient strategies to make your brand cherished and well-known,


Brand Identity

Brand identity is the clearest indicator of your brand's reputation. When people interact with products of a certain brand, brand identity is what gives them the impression of the given products. The brand identity contains the right brand language, story, theme, messaging, colors, and logo design. Those elements are then applied consistently whenever you want your products to be represented. However, there is not a universal brand identity, so in order to create one, you need to understand your target audience, competition, and strength and weaknesses with your brand.


You could also buy an existing franchise or found a new one from scratch. If you already have a store ready for business with an already established base of customers, all you have to do is to create engaging content that will keep your customers loyal. However, when launching a new franchise you need to lean heavily on all sorts of marketing strategies in order to attract new customers.


Native Advertising

Before we start explaining how to employ native advertising in order to increase your brand visibility, we should say what native advertising actually is. It is the concept of ads placement that is highly cohesive with the page content, adapted into the design and theme of the page in a way that the viewer feels ads are naturally belonging there. This sort of non-invasive ads is more than welcome in this time when most of the users grew intolerant on classic flashy web ads.


Considering that native ads fit right into the surrounding place and take the credibility from the site they are published on, their non-invasive nature helps your brand grow without getting too intrusive. Serving native ads on a large platform such as daily news sites will help you gain the favor of their user base. Native ads are the next big thing in digital advertising, and it's easy to see why. There are already platforms that will help you with the placement of native ads to the specific target audiences.



A good way to increase brand awareness and sales is to make a contract with influencers to mention your product. Influencers already have an assured audience who knows and trusts them, so it is a good way to increase your reach and raise people's awareness about your brand. Companies often work directly with influencers by providing them with their products and letting them showcase their products on social media. That way the brand recognition spreads over the influencers' public. Influencers become part of the company's sales team, even ambassadors of the brand. This relationship between companies and influencers is mutually rewarding.


Some companies offer to sponsor influencers at events and even use them as the face of their product. It happens a lot in competitive events, where contestants become walking billboards for various companies.


Social Media Ads

Every established brand probably already has a social media presence, but not all of them have a good momentum of growing their audience and engagement. The things that could help are content promotion plans for social media ads. Brand awareness ads can help you approach new people who are potentially interested in your product. Those ads can even target audiences based on particular criteria, and help the brand to avoid algorithms that can damage organic reach.


You can launch a campaign on Facebook and Instagram to improve your reach and recall. Concerning Facebook, the most effective advertising strategy is using video and carousel ads (various media). The good thing about Facebook is that you can pinpoint your target audience by using multiple categories or even create a "lookalike" target audience that will mirror your existing public. Twitter offers a bit different brand awareness campaign, in the way that you are paying for impressions instead of engagements.


Visual Language

The most effective way of communicating with people is by using visual content and visual language. This especially works well with people who are too busy to read. In order to attract attention to your brand usually engage in various advertising ventures, both online and offline. In order to increase your reach and recognition of your brand, you should create short and effective video clips, images and graphical illustrations.


Step number two is the distribution of that graphical material on every possible platform. You can use ads, but also banners, flags, posters and such. One of the most creative ways of spreading brand awareness is using catchy logo mats with brand logos or other graphic content. It sounds weird, but everyone will look at the doormat, especially if they contain an effective picture. Depending on your budget for marketing you can even use billboards, but that might be too much of a stretch for guerilla marketing.


SEO Research

In terms of Internet advertising, SEO is one of the crucial aspects. You have probably heard that the majority of consumers look only at the first page of search results, or even the first few results on the first page. The main question is how to get in those first few results. The answer is SEO or search engine optimization, which adapts your site to search algorithms in a way that it will appear as one of the first results.


The big companies are investing a lot of money into SEO research, which creates a competitive atmosphere in trying to get new clients. You can increase your brand awareness by researching SEO strategies. This will make you stand apart and make people believe that you are the leading figure in your industry.


Ad-Sense Auto Ads

Narrowing down the audience for your paid ads in choosing the right timing for your pitch can be complicated, although as are a great way to introduce yourself to the wider audience. Fortunately, Google comes to help with the development of their new AdSense Auto Ads. Those ads show publicists the best methods to design and optimize their commercials. Using machine learning technology, Auto Ads will place your advertising all over sites that are best for your brand awareness spread. That way you will reach your target audience more easily and get more of your investment back.


Guest Articles

Backlinks are one of Google's most prominent ranking determinants, as well as an elemental part of your online appearance. There are several ways to gain backlinks, the most effective still being guest blogging. You will help your brand increase visibility by creating quality content and publishing on relevant blogs. Soon enough you will become a valuable source of information, and people will want to visit you and see more from you. Backlinks are not only a way to increase portfolio, but they can also serve you to increase your professional network and cultivate your corporate trademark identity.



The objective of every business is to bring its creator some profit. That is not always easy, because the market is still not optimized enough to accommodate every kind of business equally. Therefore in order to establish and increase your brand visibility, you will need to spend a lot of time and energy in your online appearance, advertising strategy, and visual presence. This might not guarantee you instant success but it will give you much better chances to stand apart from the competition.