How to Create a Buzz Around Your Upcoming Website (with Coming Soon page)

That process that lasted far more than expected, required an insane amount of dedication and work to be completed, exhausted all of your coffee reserves and contributed to a few gray hairs popping out. Sounds familiar?

 If it does, you’ve probably engaged in the bittersweet experience of building a website. That long journey filled with so many ups and downs you don’t even know how to feel about it anymore has come to an end and you’ve reached the doorway to heaven, ready to write a new chapter of that adventure, with a theme of your upcoming virtual success. 

Your crew has gathered, drinks are on the table, cake is made and candles are ready to be blown out, but hold your breath in for a second because there might be a member that wasn’t invited and without him the party might as well be called off. 

Did you execute the task even more important than website building itself – prepromotion? This step is so important because you get a respectable audience before the website itself gets launched. You create a story, get people excited and hyped to awake their anticipation and reserve your spot in their bookmarks section long before the content gets released to the eyes of public. 

Take the biggest companies as the best example. Mobile phone companies, cars, electronics, fashion, movies, series, Youtube…all of them make a huge buzz around their new releases and models that will be entering the community in the near, or even distant future. And that is not a coincidence because it works like a charm EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

And what is the best way to create that positive vibe and excitement for your future audience? Let’s get through some of the best methods of prepromoting your website. Social media is the elephant in the room and with its high efficiency surely one of the best promotion methods. All of them should be utilized – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Fill them up with creative posts and teasers, interact with your fans and get those shares rolling! The key is to create a bond with your users and encourage them to share your content which will unlock the path to hundreds and thousands of new viewers. 

Another great way of hyping it all up is by making a giveaway. This one is basically common sense. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Vouchers, merchandise, books or anything you can offer from your respective business. There are quite a few more exceptional methods, such like teaser videos, ads, influencers, blogs, events…and all of them serve their purpose beautifully, but another method that is extremely important, but somehow doesn’t get the attention it well deservers, is creating a coming soon page.  

Let me throw some facts your way to get a better perspective on why is this of such crucial importance for your brand new website. First of all, your words of introduction will be much more powerful. By creating an appealing coming soon page, you will take advantage of human curiosity followed by their nature of visual identifying and by making a thematic page around your product, all potential visitors will get familiar with your story in a much deeper level. It’s a perfect place to include all of your buttons – social media, blog, newsletters, etc. 

It will contribute to your SEO as well, considering that the search engine will regard your website as older and therefore place it above your competition, and help you reach better results faster overall. 

About section and contact information sound like a good idea? Of course! Include a countdown timer so your users know when it’s exactly coming around? Absolutely! It offers so many benefits and has so much potential that it would be insane to ignore it. When you want to set it up you obviously need the right plugin that will be reliable, has useful features and offer versatility and functionality, and I’ve got just what you’re looking for. Meet Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, the ultimate tool to get that coming soon page polished, shiny and as good as it gets! What are the keywords when it comes to this plugin? 

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Packed with features you’ll actually use
  • Incredibly fast (doesn’t slow down your website at all)

I believe that being superficial is a fool’s characteristic, so let’s take a peek into the pot to see what’s cooking with this plugin. It offers over 1 million free images. For all different scenarios and needs, you’ll definitely score the one you need, and with their hi-quality nature, their capacity won’t be questioned. We follow that up with 120+ themes. Regardless on the type of your business, you are guaranteed to get the setup you crave. Not too shabby so far. To make sure your SEO game stays on top, a SEO setup feature is included with built-in tests, checks and guidelines to make your position extra fine. You want to give a sneak peek of your unfinished website to someone (a friend, associate or a client)? Easy access for clients feature has got you covered. Simply create a secret link, share it with that person and only they can get the insights; no one else. I could keep on talking, but I know you’d rather inspect it for yourself and grab it with both of your hands, which you can do by clicking here.

In conclusion, raising awareness about your website before it gets launched is extremely important, with all of the benefits just waiting to be obtained. Attracting new visitors and generating traffic, getting subscribers, raising the hype, improving the SEO and the list goes on and on. 

There are multiple methods to make it happen, but a coming soon page is probably the most important one when you take all of those factors into consideration. Combine it with other methods and make something extraordinary that will be the perfect indication of what comes next. If you continue your journey by filling your pen with this ink, your online story will definitely be written in success. And don’t forget to have WP Reset always near you… just in case!