Customer Testimonial Explainer Video Examples For Your Business

Testimonial videos: Examples, Benefits and Tips:

You must have heard customer testimonial videos or product testimonial videos at some point in your life. When it comes to advertising and promotions, testimonials are the comments and feedback that any brand’s previous customers decide to give, regarding the products/services that they received by working with that particular business. The point of getting an explainer video made is to generate a positive word of mouth amongst the users in order to prompt buying behavior.

The three major types of testimonial videos include:

1. Customer Testimonial Videos:

These testimonial videos include your customer, sitting in front of a camera talking about your business and their experience with it. They talk about the treatment that they received, the service/product that they required and the time of delivery.

This type of testimonial video will help generate a lot of interest as well as develop trust in the audiences mind about your product.

2. Client Testimonial Videos:

These testimonial videos revolve around your client who speaks in the favor of your business after getting professional services from your brand. These testimonial videos are a gold mine for the people who sell professional products or services, because it helps establish trust in B2B marketplace.

These testimonial videos are placed on the company’s website deliberately to make people purchase the brands service.

3. Product Testimonial Videos:

These videos revolve around the product that your business provided. It mostly shows product demos and its implications in the real world. These testimonial videos showcase your product and allow it to shine, which is helpful when you are getting an expensive product made.

Now that you know the difference between the different types of testimonial videos, you must be wondering about their effectiveness and implications. Which type of testimonial works best for what nature of business? Look no further, because we have discussed all of these in detail in the paragraphs to follow.

What makes testimonials so effective?

1. The Believability Factor:

In an article written by Search Engine Watch ( they state “83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over advertising.”

This is a clear indication that testimonials are the way to go when it comes to establishing trust and credibility.

2. Give a deeper meaning to the brand:

Having testimonials is a huge plus for the brand because it adds a deeper meaning of emotion to the brand. Around 40% of the consumers form an opinion after reading or watching at least one testimonial. The emotional connection that a person shares with the reviewer runs deep motivating a purchase decision.

3. Testimonials do not come off as “pushy”:

Because testimonials aren’t written in the words of you aka the salesman, they do not come off as being pushy. They sound truthful and honest coming from someone else who has bought your services or product. It is easier to sell a product when you stop telling people to buy your product. However, if other people vouch for you, your message will easily reach your customers.

Now that you know the benefits of a testimonial video, you need to start implementing it in your business. And for that, you need to know the tips and tricks that will make your product or customer or client testimonial videos the best.

How to make your testimonial shine bright:

1. Stick to the basic guide of before and after:

Every time we decide to buy a product/service whether it is a B2B product or a B2C one, one of our concerns is how it’s going to affect us and whether it is going to solve our problem which motivated us to buy the product/service in the first place.

When making a testimonial video make sure that you highlight what caused you to buy the product and how it solved your problem. The before and after the story is always compelling to the new audiences, who want to get started but are scared of taking an initiative. Until and unless your audiences see the drastic change in your before and after story, they won’t be impressed enough to invest in you.

2. Keep it short:

Do not stretch out your testimonial video to be more than 4 minutes long. Sure there are a lot of things you would like to be covered, but remember, people will get bored watching a person drone on and on about a product or service. Keep it interesting and short while being casual. You do not want to scare your target audience away with a testimonial that sounds like a physics lecture: boring and dull.

Stick to the point and be clear. Do mention everything about your experience, but eliminate any detail that might not be of any interest to the customer.

3. Add a personal detail:

Whenever you want to connect to your audience, always add a personal detail that will make the listeners trust you. For example, if you are marketing a rash cream, add in a personal detail that will make the listener empathize with you. Mention an event that led you to tears and that’s when you decided to go seek our help by investing in our business.
A one-liner like this will make the audience relate to you and make you more credible because that’s how the listener will establish that you have been on the other side of the table as well.

4. Make sure to mention the after-sale service:

One of the biggest points that people often overlook when getting a testimonial made is that they forget to mention the customer service or the after-sales service that they get. If you are making websites, you need to be very clear to your audience about the after services they will get once the website is up and running.

Highlighting this point makes the listener believe that the business is looking to form lasting relationships and that they do care about the customer experience. This alone can lead to a rise in your conversions.

5. Mention the details:

In the first point, we asked you to keep it short, but when doing so do not skimp out the details. You need to make sure that the testimonial covers all bases. Why you decided to work with the company, the complete process from the start till finish and the after-sales effect. All this motivates the customer to make a purchase because they are now well aware of the complete process that will take place from the minute they sign up with your business.

Use this article as a cheat sheet for your brand the next time you are getting a testimonial made, and you won’t go wrong. Knowing what to do, and executing it perfectly will get you far and most definitely, it will get you results.