Text Message Marketing: 4 Reasons to Use It in 2020

Do you know that an average mobile user checks his smartphone every 15 to 30 minutes? Well, that’s a lot of time per day. And, it means that the text message open rate is also very high. Got the point? It is normal that people constantly check their phones to open the messages and read the notifications. Understatedly, digital marketers can make use of that routine.

It is said that text message marketing is a practical approach to educate the audience about your brand. SMS marketing is an act of sending messages to share coupons, promotional deals, announcements, events, and other information with the customers. If you are wondering how it can be advantageous for your brand, then read the following: 


#1: Easy to Execute

Mass text messaging is a valuable function of mass texting service. Text message marketing is an easy to implement, track, and manage tactic for most of the businesses or brands. It is easy on your end to monitor and measure the performance of your SMS campaign. Text message marketing is permission-based, and it can be an excellent start for your business to ramp up its customer base.

Marketers know what segment they need to target. They can aim for a highly specific audience, depending on the purchase history, demographics, age group, interests, and more! SMS marketing is the Holy Grail tool for modern businesses. It is a suitable technique to integrate CRM, marketing strategies, and real-time performance.


#2: Highly Targeted

In today’s digital world, 99.999% of the human population is connected with their phones. Text message marketing is an ideal strategy to build a brand relationship with a massive audience. It can be a powerful tool for your business because it can connect the majority of consumers via text.

So when you have your customers’ permission and contact details, you can inform them about your core business products or services. It is a highly targeted marketing strategy that can position your brand in the minds of the right audience. You can target a bigger audience and build long-term connections with them.


#3: Higher Engagement Rates

Text message marketing has to offer the best engagement rate. It is a marketing medium that can ensure your message readability. It is noted that 90% of text messages get opened by the audience. Typically, people attempt to read the messages within the first three to five minutes of receiving them.

However, the ratio is not the same with emails and any other platforms. Emails can go unread for many days. Moreover, there is no Internet required by mobile users to open, read, and share the messages. SMS text messaging is the most feasible way of communication.


#4: More Interactive Content

SMS marketing campaign allows your business to receive quick feedback from its audience. Recipients can use the ‘reply button’ or ‘click on the link to a landing page’ in order to provide feedback and reviews. This feature is accessible to your audience when you deliver messages that guide your audience back to your business website.

This way, you are providing them with quick interaction. It is a great tactic to help your business in increasing its credibility or brand image. Most importantly, you can use feedback data to improve its functionality, products, or services.