How to Create a Highly Effective Online Video Advertisement

Video is now almost indisputably one of the most effective ways of advertising. The growth of online platforms has just pushed the demand for video advertisements higher. Indeed, when video adverts are done in the right way, they have the capacity and capability of yielding fast and amazing results.

Regardless of the immense potential that video advertising holds, some brands still get it all wrong. To start with, it’s not just right to produce a video for the sake of it. It needs to be a well-thought process and with measurable goals at the end. In other words, there has to be some effort and investment of resources into your online video Ad.

In the discussion that follows, we look at some of the highly effective ways of making your online video advertisement outstanding and result-oriented.


Understand Your Audience

The secret to the success of any kind of communication is a clear understanding of your audience. From the onset, you need to clearly know whom your message is meant for. This allows you to package your message in the most appropriate way and in a model that appeals to your target audience.

There are several ways of defining your target audience, depending on the products you want to sell. For example, if you are specifically selling women clothing, you must know how best to package your video to appeal to them. You must also categorize them by age and even region. This helps you to communicate in their language, use their lingo and therefore connect easily with them.

A common strategy in modern-day marketing using online videos is the use of influencers. This is easy because in most cases, influencers already have a well-defined audience in terms of demographics, making it easy to reach out to new audiences.


Make it Short, Precise and to the Point

Online video advertising shouldn’t be a lengthy presentation. On the contrary, it should simply be short, precise, and delivers the point within the shortest time possible.

Online audiences are innately very impatient and hop quickly from one video to another. You must use the first few seconds of your video to attract their attention and make sure you keep them interested at the end of the video.

Package your video in such a way that your message is delivered in a straightforward manner, while still maintaining clarity and efficiency.


Timing is Key

When do you put your video out there?

Timing is an important aspect that defines success in online advertisements. Take advantage of seasons, holidays, and special dates to put out promotional messages online. You notice that there is generally an increase of promotional materials online in seasons such as Valentine's and Christmas because vendors want to cash in as much as they can.

Timing is also about knowing when your videos will attract the highest traffic. Different time zones may experience traffic fluctuations differently, hence the need to understand how various audiences receive and consume your videos.


Have a Unique Proposition

The main aim of putting out online advertising videos is to market your products. You want your message to reach as many people as possible. One of the best ways of doing it is finding the most unique way of producing your videos to attract the masses. In your production, use a combination of elements such as humour, animated characters, voice-over, and influencers.

Pick an aspect of your brand that is unique and stands out from the competition to tell your story. This will endear you to potential clients and create an urge to learn more and connect with you.


Quality Visuals and Audio at all Times’

The quality of your sound and visuals will play a big role in determining whether your audience sticks around or quickly moves on. There is no point producing videos of poor quality with images that aren’t clear or sound isn’t clear.

A common challenge in modern times is having people produce advertisement videos using their phones. Whereas this may be a way of starting small, these videos should be scaled up to professional quality. Working with a professional will help you place objects correctly, have your lighting done right, and using professional equipment for sound recording. Take time to consult product advert video production Brisbane experts or at a location near you!


Be consistent

The online market, just like the conventional environment requires consistency. If your audience gets used to frequent videos from your brand, they want more on a regular basis. If the videos are informative and educational, they will be looking forward to more of them each time. Make them on a consistent basis. You will create a huge following with time.


Use Feedback to Learn

Perhaps the greatest advantage of online advertisement is that you can receive instant feedback which helps you to know how people receive your videos. Use positive and negative criticism to get better at every video you make.

 With online advertising, it’s possible to carry out surveys that enlighten you on what people really want from your product. Social media platforms have become an integral part of pushing brand stories. However, you need to learn the different aspects of each platform and how they affect your video marketing strategy. All social media platforms are different from each other and their audiences have different characteristics as well. Learn how to maneuver around each of them and engage with the audiences accordingly.


Always Have A Call to Action

What do you want your audience to do after watching an advert? This is a critical aspect that you need to think about. Do you want them to contact you on email, visit your website or a brick and mortar shop, or simply call the office? Call To Action (CTA) must be well thought out. Online videos have the potential to drive heavy traffic and therefore adequate preparations need to be done to handle any influx.



This is the best time to engage in online advertising. As internet penetration rises, it is becoming easier to grow audiences and have a huge online following. For all your videos, ensure you give quality content to your viewers. Importantly, keep on getting better with time and experimenting with new ideas.