Get to Know Google Pagespeed Insights And Learn How to Optimize Site Speed

Google PageSpeed ??Insights is your main ally when it comes to optimizing the speed of your company's website. After all, only those who are aware of the improvement points on their page can perform satisfactorily and convert more!

To be successful with Digital Marketing, you need to study the market and plan to create strategies that match the scenario in which your company is inserted. There are often external factors that impact the speed of your website, such as the Website Hosting you are using and even the SSL protocol.

In this sense, several Google studies show that no user is on a page that takes more than a few seconds to load.


But increasing the performance and speed of the website is not a simple task as it seems, as this goes beyond having its own address and a beautiful design.

For this reason, having the help of platforms such as Google PageSpeed ??Insights is essential to see points of improvement and optimize the performance of your website.

Wait, you don't know Google PageSpeed ??yet? No problem! Check out the next topics and learn all about it!

  • What is Google PageSpeed ??Insights?

  • Find out what happens if you don't take care of the site speed

  • Understand how a page's average score works

  • See how Google PageSpeed ??Insights impacts your business

  • Already know what Google PageSpeed? So get to work!



Google PageSpeed ??Insights is a search engine tool that aims to improve the speed of the website in order to optimize the user experience.

To do so, it evaluates the front-end attributes of a page, such as Java Script, images, CSS, among other aspects that influence the site loading.

Then, the platform shows you the main points for improving your page and even gives suggestions for improving its navigability through reports.

To access these features, simply access Google PageSpeed ??from a computer or mobile device and put your website address in the search bar.

That done, it will show you a report composed of a score, ranging from 0 to 100, and suggestions of what needs to be optimized or corrected.

In addition, you will notice that the data is organized in order of importance with the following colors:

  • Green: the item is functioning properly;

  • Yellow: points that would be interesting to optimize, as long as it does not make a difference in your strategy;

  • Red: items that are the cause of most performance problems and should be prioritized for correction.

Now that you know how Google PageSpeed ??Insights works to help you optimize the speed of your company's website, see why you should use it right now!



Did you know that 1 second of delay in loading a page causes 7% less conversions?

Well, this data from a study by Kissmetrics proves that a carelessness with the speed of your company's website can cause you to even lose money!

Doubt? Then check out the next topics and see below how load time affects your results.



If you don't already know, organic traffic represents all spontaneous visits made to your page, without the help of ads.

Generally earned through a search engine, such as Google, this flow of visits is also the source of the business relationship with your potential customers.

As in any business, time is money, who does not take care of the speed of the site ends up losing credibility with users.

And the worst: according to Kissmetrics, 44% of users share a bad online experience with their friends.

That way, you still lose one of the main help to gain organic traffic, which is the recommendation.



Still according to the Kissmetrics survey, 40% of consumers abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

That is, if you don't take care of your company's website speed, it can lose almost half of the sales opportunities!

See how you can't refuse help from Google PageSpeed ??Insights?



Did you know that 79% of consumers who do not have a good experience with a website say they would not shop again?

And that 1 second of delay or 3 seconds of waiting reduces your satisfaction by 16%?

Well, a detail that seems simple as the speed of the site can compromise and the results of your business a lot!

After seeing all of these numbers, you should be eager to learn how to use Google PageSpeed ??Insights to keep your business from getting into trouble.

Therefore, we will show in the next topic how to understand the platform's score. Check out:



To calculate a page's score, PageSpeed ??Google takes data from the browser's user experience report, Google Chrome.

With this, he is able to compare and evaluate the actual performance of the page, as well as identify its deficiencies.

And since each page has its unique characteristics, it is important to note that the items evaluated will not always appear at all.

That said, the overall speed score for the site is as follows:

  • Good: 80 points or more;

  • Average: Between 60 and 79;

  • Bad: 0 and 59.

To learn more about each of these classifications, check out the following topic:



A page rated as bad by PageSpeed ??Google is one that has no optimizations to perform satisfactorily.

Therefore, it does not provide a good user experience and has a high bounce rate.

The cause of this problem can be in the use of heavy images, delay in the server's response time, CSS and JavaScript problems, among others.



For Google PageSpeed ??Insights, an average page is one that has structural problems.

In other words, this means that it is very likely that optimizations should be made when loading the content or when rendering JavaScript and HTML files.



Reaching 100% is a difficult and long task, but for a page considered good this reality is closer to being achieved.

For that, the adjustments are not many and are linked to infrastructure or other codes of your site.



The speed of your company's website is directly linked to the success of your business strategies.

That's because it interferes with the user experience, impacting from your search engine optimization work to conversion rates.

That is, the longer your page takes to load, the more conversions your company loses, and the higher your conversion rate will be.

So, do not discard the help of Google PageSpeed ??and work to increase the speed of your website to ensure the success of your business!



In this content, you saw that the speed of the website is an attribute for a good online performance and that Google PageSpeed ??Insight is the main allies for that.

This is because it analyzes in a practical and quick way the technical requirements of your site so that you don't lose more users and improve your conversion rates.

To do so, here we show you everything you need to know to use it without mystery and be able to leave your company on the path to success.

Now that you already know what Google PageSpeed ??is, take advantage and learn the best digital marketing techniques to optimize your strategy!

Good Business!