5 Tips For Getting Online Reviews And Building Customer Trust

Having the trust of your customers and the public is crucial towards the success of your company. If customers (and potential customers) don’t trust your company, they aren’t likely to remain loyal and may not convert in the way you want them to. However, this trust doesn’t just magically appear overnight, you need to work hard to build this trust.


Building the trust of your customers is incredibly important, and there are a number of different ways you can do it. One of the best ways is to have a good amount of positive reviews. New and prospective customers trust online reviews a lot, so the more you have, the more a new individual will trust that your product or service is quality.


But how do you get more of these reviews to help grow your company? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Read on to learn about 5 different tips for getting more online reviews and building customer trust.

Utilize Calls to Action

While most customers might enjoy your product or service, only a few of them will think to leave you a review. Sometimes, a gentle nudge in the right direction is all these customers need to give you a glowing review. A call to action (in this context) is when you simply ask the customer to leave you a review. Your call to action could be in the online receipt you send to them or the request could pop up after a successful sale. Be sure not to include too many, however, as that could turn customers off.


Also, calls to action are good for more than just reviews, they can be very valuable for inbound marketing. Simply asking someone to visit your site or sign up for your newsletter is often enough to get them to consider. So whether you are trying to get more reviews, or get more page visits, having a call to action is a good idea.

Leaving Reviews Should be Simple

If you want more reviews, you need to make the process of leaving them incredibly simple. It should be abundantly clear immediately where they go to leave a review and what is required. If the process involves a ton of clicks and some heavy navigating, people likely won’t do it. Our attention spans have shortened, and we want everything to be quick and snappy.


It should take no more than one click from the home page to leave a review, or even have the option to leave a review right on the home page. While you can’t control the process on third-party review sites, you can make sure that leaving reviews on your site is very clear.

Engage With the Reviews

Another great tip to get more reviews to build trust is to engage with the reviews that you currently have. This could be thanking them, answering a question, acknowledging an idea or any number of other things. This can make the business-customer relationship much more personal for them.


If people see you responding to questions, concerns and praise, they will be more likely to leave a review themselves. Also, engaging with your customers or audience is a great way to build a relationship with them and help them be more loyal. While it can be a lot of work, the results are more than worth it.


Be sure to respond to negative reviews as well. You need to be empathetic, and offer a solution or some course of action for their issue. You never want to be negative or overly defensive in your responses to reviews.

Offer an Incentive

There is no doubt that people like deals, discounts and saving money as they can. As a result, offering a small incentive in order for people to leave a review is a good way to increase the amount you receive. 


This incentive could be a discount code, a deal on a different product, a free accessory, a follow on social media or any number of other things. Not only will this help you get more reviews, but if you give out discounts or deals, it increases the chances of someone becoming a repeat customer.

Share Positive Reviews

Highlighting positive reviews and sharing them on your site or social media is another great way to encourage more reviews. If people see the reviews of others, it can often make them want to leave their own review. People love to be parts of groups, so if people know you have a lot of reviews, they may want to join in on the party.


Also, some people will like the idea of potentially seeing their review being shared, which could entice them to leave a good review. These reviews can also be added into content from photos, to videos to infographics.


In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you get more online reviews to build more customer trust.