6 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business During a Pandemic

How to redirect your Digital Marketing efforts in the right direction amidst the current situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has casted a seismic shift in all the industries present across the globe. Different sectors of the economy have been put to a halt due to the unforeseen situation, thereby inducing a lag in employment, services, et al. One thing that hasn't come to a standstill all this while, is the engagement of people with online portals and social media platforms. Due to the pandemic, the world has realized that digital is the ‘New Normal’.


There has been a huge upsurge in people who flock online.Online classes, jobs, marketing, vocational training; you name it - the online world has got it all. This is the best time for organizations to consider and venture into Digital Marketing. In order to get your business back on track, followed by getting ahead of your fellow competitors - you have to make yourself familiar with post-pandemic strategies that are already dominating the world of Digital Marketing. Don't forget that at the moment, not only the sales have spiralled down but also the demand has evaporated. If your vision is that of long-term goals, you are bound to achieve them.


This year has already impacted the businesses in the most severe manner possible and great losses have been recorded all over the world. Hence, our present focus should be to cover the losses by the end of the year and turn them into profits - as soon as possible. Let’s seize the golden opportunity that Digital Marketing is offering us, and make the best out of it.


Here are some key points that shall enable you to enhance and highlight your business online during a worldwide pandemic:


  1. Be ready for the upcoming demands

The demand for goods and services, as of now is low. But do keep in mind that the recovery period will eventually dawn upon us and demands will have a huge upsurge. Being a business, one’s organization should be ready to cater to the needs of their customers. Keep your online audience well-informed about the goods and services you are looking forth to deliver - and also enlighten them on how you are better than your competition. If your customer displays interest in your goods and services, then you should play your part and stand strong with respect to their expectations.


    2. Revisit your business goals

Stick to the basic goal of your business. This is one of the major aspects that you need to keep in mind while making your online presence felt, in a pandemic riddled world. You are at liberty to promote your business on innumerable virtual platforms, implementing innumerable ongoing trends, but always remember your business’ purpose. It’s true that new strategies shall require an online business to introduce a nouveau methodology, yet one should weigh and measure all that shall benefit their business in the long run and then bring those practices into vogue. Don't let trends and other factors influence your core business goal.


    3. Update your customers

The necessity of ‘no physical contact’ has paved the way for the virtual world to dominate. Updating your customers from time to time is now not only a dire necessity but also a promotional tactic. Post engaging articles, circulate promotional offers, retain the new as well as prior customers - every action shall have an impact on your business. When it comes to boosting your business during the ongoing pandemic, communication is the key. A healthy and timely conversation with your customers that focuses on their needs and demands proves to be quite beneficial for online businesses. Remember, if you are there for your customers, your customers shall be there for you.


    4. Increase your social media presence

At the moment, people are spending most of their time on social media. However, not every person on social media can be your customer but do remember that every potential customer of yours, will be on social media. The audience on social media patiently waits to come across something that’s worth their time. Reward their patience by lacing your services with promotional offers that sweep them off their feet. Be active on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., and deliver relatable content to your target audience. Focusing on videos can be an apt step to connect to a larger audience. Remember to make your videos short, crisp, and immensely engaging.


    5. Employee retention
The ongoing pandemic is the reason behind sky-rocketing unemployment. The rate of unemployment peaked its highest of 27% in May. Employers had to unwillingly fire their employees because of the lack of revenue that stemmed out of stagnant business. An organization’s tackling of problems at a grand scale begins at the bare-minimum, that is, retaining employees and on-boarding the best talents in the business. A successful business requires talented and skilled employees, in order to function smoothly.



    6. Maintain or increase your advertising

A significant drop in the advertising spend has been recorded in the past six months, which means that some ad inventories are less expensive right now. However, with people spending most of their time online now,  businesses can reach out to innumerable people and generate more leads at a lower cost. Keeping the concept of delayed demand in mind, businesses should function accordingly. One should definitely consider increasing the online presence of their business through advertisements.


The aforementioned digital marketing strategies are bound to help online businesses in the longer run. By following them, businesses shall not only recover from the impact of the pandemic but shall also tend to bask in sales, profits, et al. As the saying goes - winner, winner..!