6 Terrific Tools To Construct Professional Presentations

Presentation skills in professional and personal life play a tremendous role in the era of technology and imagination. As a shift from the mundane board meetings, presentations have proven to be a transcendental tool to impart ideas and influence others. PowerPoint presentations have become a prominent audio-visual aid owing to their practicality and everlasting impact. These presentations pose as a front-runner for companies to establish contact with customers and stakeholders in the digital world. Besides the corporate world, education, law, and manufacturing sectors have also altered the way of pitching the subject matter to clients, investors, and educators through presentations.


The competition of today’s world necessitates the presentations to be unique, innovative, and engaging. Every aspect of the tailored presentation like the content to design, graphical ideas to templates must be top-notch for it to captivate the audience. Personalized and professional presentation templates stimulate the company’s control over the schematic display of data alluding to their organization’s culture. To unlock the superior presentation skills one can make use of the multitude of tools available online like Google Slides, Prezi, PowerPoint where collaborative work can be done. State-of-the-art Google Slides themes can be a game-changer to woo the audience.


Some easy to use practical tools to create that splendid presentation are discussed below:



SlideModel is a website which abounds in professionally crafted presentation templates. Their out-of-the-box 20,000+ designs can aid you in constructing exemplary presentations. There’s a template for everybody on SlideModel, be it corporate or educational. Their 100% editable templates integrate inventive designs that substantiate an appeal presentation. A fantastic feature of the site is that you can download your favourite template, edit it as per your need and work collaboratively with your peers.


SlideModel is your one-stop to create a structured presentation with its plethora of avant-garde designs saving your valuable time. The presentation decks are user-friendly and compatible with prominent tools like Google Slides, Apple Keynotes, and Open Office. Relevant keywords can guide you to choose from a wide range of coherent templates consisting of maps, charts, diagrams, shapes, etc. A fresh catalogue of generic and specific presentation decks is added on the site often, widening its categories. The site hosts an assortment of designs covering multiple verticals like corporate, finance, law, and education. With their amazing customer support, SlideModel makes the customers experience using the site pleasing. 


Google Slides

For those looking to switch from PowerPoint to a more advanced and easy to use presentation software, Google Slides is the answer. Being a Software as a Service (SaaS), Google Slides a web-based tool that is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Its compatibility with importing slides from other presentation software tools makes it ideal to create a customized template. Completely free, Google Slides hosts an abundance of fonts, high-quality visuals, diagrams, and charts. It encompasses professional presentation features such as the ability to import and export videos and images, format slides, etc.  


Google Slides also commits to its feature of consistency. Your presentation will display and act the same way on every computer. Its incredible element is real-time editing and collaborative work easily done with your team with a shareable link without having to send the presentation offline numerous times. The auto-save and revision history aspect gives Google Slide an edge over the traditional PowerPoint. Google Slides tool can transform your presentation experience from dull to lively. Since it’s a SaaS-based product, you can collaborate with remote teams sitting two time zones away. Google Slides proves to be a boon for generating an eternal impression on your stakeholders and audience.



Visme is a prominent presentation tool that provides stunning graphics to create your dream presentation. The platform’s professionally designed, never seen before infographics, wondrous high-quality visuals, and videos can assist you in forming engaging presentations. It is an easy to use design tool that can transform the tedious data in your presentations into fascinating stories in less than no time. After creating, you can effortlessly publish your presentations and visual aids through URL for the access of others. With its feature of tapping into easy-to-use audio and video clips, content blocks, and templates Visme proves to be the perfect platform to build a first-class presentation.


From graphs to reports, animated GIFs to timelines, flyers to flowcharts Visme abounds in designs to create an attractive presentation. You can even join charts to live data. After all, presentations work best when the data is presented with flair. You simply need to browse from their collection of mesmerizing and flexible templates and see the magic in your presentation as you fill it with content. Its smart features like sharing the presentation online, downloading, reusing the content contribute to making it a powerful and intuitive software. 



Pitcherific is a digital tool that helps you to pitch your business propositions in the best creative way. It comes with pre-designed alluring templates for a broad range of professional publications like business cards, resumes, newsletters, and much more. Pitcherific is perfect for entrepreneurs and incubators who are looking to present their data in a highly professional and specialized way. One can pick the required template and start working on it without any hassle. Every feature is customizable from fonts to texts and all the slide components can be dragged and dropped flawlessly.


An admirable trait of the site is its time clock with which you can track your slide’s explanation when forming a presentation. Flexibility is Pitcherific’s signature feature which prevents its user from ending up with text-heavy and image-heavy slides. To last that impression on your customers and stakeholders Pitcherific proves to be an ideal platform to create presentations with a knack. You don’t have to be a design expert to make your point. The tool acts as a platform where presenters can innovate with their ideas. At Pitcherific, your presentations can go a long way to propel your business prospects manifold.



Prezi is an outstanding web-based visual presentation tool that aids you to transform your monotonous and lack-lustre presentation into a vibrant and appealing presentation. It is visual storytelling software that provides an alternative to conventional slide-based presentation formats. You can easily import your PowerPoint presentation into Prezi and transform it your way by adding images, facts, statistics, etc. It presents you the opportunity to add depth and fine details in your presentation to enhance, motivate, and engage your audience creating a resonating impact. 


What’s fantastic about Prezi is that it makes it possible to imbibe augmented reality in presentations along with designer templates, co-editing, and collaborating features. It saves time by creating awe-inspiring visuals in minutes and also grants the feature of using your favourite video conferencing tool along with it. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, etc can be utilized while presenting.  It is ideal for students, educators, and businesspersons alike. Zoomable and interactive elements like charts, maps, infographics are the highlights of Prezi that can level your presentation up.



KeyNote presentations stand out beautifully. It is a slideshow presentation software powered by Apple Inc. It is packed with powerful designs that heap with simplicity. Cinematic quality transitions, easy-to-use visual tools, drag, and drop features make it user friendly. The software accommodates an impressive collection of charts ranging from column, bar, pie, bubble, and scatter charts along with quirky animations to help you build that crafty presentation. What’s more, is that it allows the user to synchronize their data on Apple devices for easy cross-device compatibility. Therefore, users can create and transfer presentations seamlessly without worrying about losing them.


Keynote presentations can be easily imported into PowerPoint as well and vice-versa giving it the benefit of sharing them with the users of Windows too. With unique features like Presenter Notes, KeyNote proves to be a handy software to give you cues while speaking and remind you of the talking points. 3D slide transitions, easy customization options, and export features in any format add to the stars of KeyNote. The tool helps you transform your imagination into reality. It is only then you can connect and influence a wide range of audience.

Presentations play an enormous role in every sector because they are quick to form, can be worked collaboratively, and works wonders to inject audio-visual impact into the presentation. Cutting-edge templates and designs are easily accessible on these online platforms that can help you to create your dazzling presentation. A presentation should be a visual aid rather than a visual distraction and these online platforms help you in achieving it. Combining trendsetting templates with mastery over communication skills can go a long way in making your presentation an accomplishment.