How to Market Your Own Facebook Video?

Frustrated with the low engagement your marketing videos get on Facebook? Well, you might be doing it wrong. Facebook is a platform that is evolving very rapidly and introducing brand new features with every update. This is why your visual marketing strategy must evolve too. In reality, most ads are ignored because they are deemed time-wasting or useless

. After all, most people use Facebook for entertainment. Marketing in the form of pictures has become outdated. Facebook users are attracted towards dynamic videos that compel them.  A study has shown that a Facebook video generates around 59% more engagement. In this article, we are going to list down some techniques through which you can get higher engagement on your explainer videos on Facebook. 


Even the slightest things matter when you want to capture the attention of Facebook users. Thumbnails may seem unimportant at first, but with a compelling thumbnail, users are likely to watch your video. The most important part of video marketing is to make users watch at least a few seconds. The rest depends upon the content of your video. Target is to make sure that it does not get ignored.

A study has shown that a thumbnail can change CPA up to 2 times. That’s why it needs to be really engaging or graphic.

The wrong thumbnail can really mess up the target you have in mind for your video ad campaign. Therefore, it is advised to not keep it subtle.


With the latest updates, it is possible to put up a cover video on your Facebook page instead of a cover picture. This is a good chance to tell people more about what happens in your company. You can utilize this space for the following reasons.

  • Introducing your company and its team to the user
  • Show the users your latest product and its features
  • Promote an event or discount your company might be having

This cover video should be of high graphics, the size must be correct and have clear audio.


A study has shown that around 86% of Facebook users leave the sound off. This means that it’s very difficult to get their attention because sound plays a crucial role in attracting someone.  Facebook also has a large community of deaf users.

Captioning or subtitles will give your ads a boost such that the deaf community and all people who leave the sound off will be able to understand as well.


Multiple surveys have revealed that vertical ads outperform square videos by a very large margin. This is because vertical videos are mobile friendly and in the current environment, businesses that have a more mobile-friendly approach are likely to succeed.


You need to know who is watching your ads the most and from where. In this way, you can target a location for maximum results.

Instead of showing your ads to everyone, you can only specify them to people who are interested. So you’ll be able to market more effectively. Facebook allows you to choose a geographic location now, instead of the general public. This is really helpful especially if your business is new. Similarly, you can also target a specific age group which can have huge effects.