Digital Marketing Skills That Are Still In Demand Today

Technology is continuously creating an impact on the marketing industry. It has drawn significant changes in the role of digital marketers in these modern days. Moreover, it has created a constant shift with the best productivity software for small businesses, effective practices, and business strategies. Furthermore, it is vital to keep tabs on the diverse digital marketing skills that are still in demand these days with present-day marketing initiatives.


In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills These Days

  1. Content Marketing

The work of a content marketer is to do keyword research, traffic forecasts, and competitor analysis. Part of the work portfolio will create content across different formats – written, video, and audio content. A content marketing specialist must have data-driven thinking, trying to determine the real benefit that each piece of content will bring to a business. Being a successful content writer is one of the most valuable qualities for any digital marketer.


Content has been considered the king of modern marketing methods. Whether it's social media marketing, email marketing, or search engine marketing, great content determines both of these media's success.


As one of the in-demand digital marketing skills, you need to have the ability to create articulate and quality content that educates, engages, and captivates your target audience. Sharing value across quality content is amongst the most powerful techniques for establishing a long-term connection with any audience. Effective content marketing has been recorded to attribute three times more leads in dollar count. As a result, businesses have emphasized content at the forefront of their promotional strategies.


Generating content is no longer a matter of merely writing blog posts. With consumers sharing content through various channels than ever before, it is crucial to make proper use of specific content types.


  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing specialist is one of the in-demand digital marketing skills. To do this, you must have a creative mindset and need to have the skills that you need to develop engaging content in social media. There is also a must in having the ability to understand how to analyze performance data and make data-driven decisions.


It is crucial as well that you know how to implement conversion tracking and identify precise attribution models. Another vital skill that a social media marketing specialist should master is a deep understanding of building and engaging with communities. With far more social networks emerging than ever before, the position of being a social media marketing specialist has become vital for companies looking to bring value from these platforms.


As the social media world continues to grow with new platforms, resources, tactics, and developments, the need for highly qualified social media marketers has never been more substantial. CNN even acknowledged careers in social media as one of the top 100 professions ranked by growth potential.


Traditionally, social media provided a platform where marketers could quickly share content with their target audience. Over the years, this use case has rapidly grown. With the brands focusing on providing meaningful business value through social media, it has never been more critical for social media marketers to implement data-driven tactics that improve conversion-based outcomes.


If you're a social media marketer working across an organic or paid performance sector, these are some of the primary resources you need to be using in your day-to-day function.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not a new aspect of digital marketing. This essential medium is an effective way to gain consumers organically through a mix of content marketing and technical execution. By regularly publishing quality material, search engines such as Google or Bing will perceive your website's relevance and then start prioritizing it on the search engine results pages or SERP. With most search engine ranking variables locked in the black box, search engine marketers are forced to use their expertise and resources to create successful strategies.


If you're a digital marketer looking to improve your skills this year, SEO can be a fantastic place to start. As big brands and start-ups begin to focus on SEO, there is a strong demand for premium search engine marketers willing to get their hands dirty.


  1. Data Analytics

Brands no longer depend on their instincts to build and implement digital strategies. With the accessibility to more metrics than ever to monitor and quantify data points, businesses can easily define which unique tactics add real value to their bottom line numbers.


In recent years, a digital marketer's position has considerably changed as brands become more data-driven during decision-making processes. Being able to understand deep analytics have become key to be an in-demand digital marketing skill.


As this data-driven mindset has become more prevalent, the skillset demanded by digital marketers has also developed into a combination of a creative enthusiast and a database administrator.


As data science has been acknowledged as one of the most in-demand positions, marketers must realize the effect that analytics can have on their day-to-day activities.


  1. Product-Driven and UX Marketing

Gone are the days with every marketing tactic's aim to just advertise a product or a service. These days, it is essential to consider the user experience in your strategies. With the expense of paid acquisition platforms keeps rising, businesses have started to shift to alternate growth tactics that require reduced costs or no fee at all. These growth tactics are not a direct outcome of digital marketing but rather a blend of marketing, User Experience (UX) design, and product creation.


Efficient UX design produces an experience that is simultaneously seamless and interacting. Marketers better need to evaluate the activity of consumers during their consumer journey. By improving user case results' efficiency, it is possible to create well-thought-of decisions to enhance the end-user experience. Doing this can also push other conversion targets.


Final Thoughts

When most brands rebound from the recent order and start their hiring process again, digital marketing teams will prefer prospects who will bring the most value to the team. Throughout this current downturn, it is more important than ever for marketers to consider what essential qualities they possess and what additional preparation they require to become the most employable versions of themselves.