Why Should You Use Marketing Automation?

It is always in the interest of a business to identify opportunities to boost their profits and earnings. Exploring new opportunities for profit means finding ways to make your campaigns better and efficient. Marketing automation is one of the possible solutions that new businesses need to consider. The efficiency of marketing automation cannot be overstated.


Figures show that the number of marketers who automate at least one of their promotional activities has already gone up to 75% since it becomes first known. This statistic is still expected to rise in the years to come. Whatever your company's current state, all it can take to further fuel its growth is to set up your marketing campaigns on autopilot.


What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is about the use of tools to simplify marketing practices. Often marketing teams automate routine activities such as email marketing, social media update, and even promotional campaign. Automation is not only for productivity but for the sake of a more customized customer experience. This marketing technology can make your activities quicker and better. It can produce more profit if you have to do it manually on any digital marketing trends.


Reasons Why You Should Use Marketing Automation

To further fuel you on why you should try marketing automation, here are things on why you should consider doing it.


1.  Time Saver

With strategies like drip email marketing, you can organize your approach, set up a campaign, and let it run its course. Whenever site users want to engage in the promotion by entering their email address on a specific section, they will immediately be added to your list and collect your pre-determined emails.


For each promotion's length, these guests will receive automated updates that are particularly appropriate to where they are in the sales funnel. That ensures that you can connect to your prospects with helpful emails without ever needing to press the "send" button. The crucial need for marketing automation is illustrated by how it can help you with a winning approach without experiencing time pressures.


Moreover, 74% of marketers applaud marketing automation for helping them save time and make their jobs even simpler. Instead of manually rolling out promotions and monitoring outcomes, you can set up the workflow to deliver your emails to the right people using various roles and triggers.


When the numbers are in, you can have an idea of your campaign's success summary. It is essential in making choices for your future campaigns. You can tweak your workflows based on the data you've accumulated so that you can produce more results in the future.


2.  Great ROI

Considering automatic marketing allows build campaigns or custom content once. After which,  you can let the program do the rest of the work for you. That makes marketing automation a no-brainer for anyone. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to go back and revise your marketing plans. That will be applicable as you learn from the data or change your current offerings. However, the actual effort you make can help you over the years to come.


Besides helping you save time, interact with guests, and make the most of your leads, marketing automation also delivers a fantastic return on investment or ROI. Companies that use marketing automation achieve more extraordinary performance. Most are getting improved outcomes in their overall strategies.


Furthermore, businesses that automate aspects of their communications strategies have 53% higher conversion rates than those that do not. Higher sales rates mean more buyers for your business and more gross sales. Some companies even have notable annual revenue growth of 34% because of marketing automation.


3.  Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness is by far the most appealing of all the advantages of implementing a marketing automation system. It lets your company minimize costs and boost productivity. Automation of the method of producing qualifying/routing leads tends to reduce labor costs. This move allows the sales team to work on quality leads or qualifying leads and improve their productivity.


4.  Improves Email Performance

Many uncertainties center around email marketing automation. It is mostly used to create nuanced email campaigns instead of conventional "email blasts" in one huge list. Your business may be using some email blast program to send one email to all subscribers on your list. These emails may be reliable, but custom emails sent with automation tools are generally much more powerful.


Marketers produce more number of leads by using automation tools compared to manual and ordinary email blasts. That is because automation tools help you customize your content to various parts of your target audience and send specific emails to each of your subscribers.


5.   Shorter Sales Cycle

Marketing in a consumer-facing world is all about educating future consumers within a much shorter period. Although some marketing automation is all about monitoring future consumer actions to settle on a communications approach, there is a significant gap in the length of promotions. The consumer strategy needs to draw the customer's attention quickly, with the path to check-out being short, easy, obvious, and appealing.


6.  Connects You With Your Audience

Personalization is a significant advantage of marketing automation. It will help you communicate and connect with your audience by delivering personalized information to their preferences. Instead of landing at a one-size-fits-all homepage, they will be met with product offerings and calls for action that suit their needs.


That will support your business by leading new clients to your website that will inspire them to convert and improve your leads' quality. Presenting valuable information at the front makes it much easier for them to find what they need and helps establish a good relationship for your brand right from the start.


Final Thoughts

Many marketing technologies allow you to step ahead of your business. Automation of the process lets you find new buyers and cultivate them, which contributes to sales-readiness. It automates acts that carry prospects to the point where you can directly influence them to make the purchase and begin a continuous relationship. The data it provides can influence the choice of your next marketing strategies. Marketing automation achieves this by dramatically improving your productivity and rapidly converting a broad base of leads into happier customers.