Video Marketing: The Best Way to Capture New Customers

The past year has shown marketers a lot about their customers. With most shoppers moving online and people more connected to their phones than ever before, digital marketing (and all its variances) is coming out as the clear winner when it comes to capturing customers. And while many people are familiar with digital marketing tactics such as social media advertising and content marketing, there is another opportunity in the same vertical that has proven to increase audience size and bring in new customers.


This other opportunity is known as video marketing, and if you aren’t already doing it, now’s your chance. Studies show that 87% of the businesses that use video marketing see an increase in site traffic from those channels. And while you may think you need a large video development team or a big budget to effectively communicate with your audience via video, that simply isn’t the case.


While production companies can cost you around $1,000 per one minute of content, you can buy all the supplies you need to go the DIY route for only $500. This includes things like a ring light, editing software, microphones, a backdrop and a video camera. Once you have these supplies, you can make a video of professional quality without the professional price tag.


There are plenty of options when it comes to the type of videos you can create. If you have a high customer acquisition cost because people don’t understand your brand, you can create educational videos to help bring people up to speed on what you’re all about. You could bring in experts to create an “Expert Interview” series, which is great to share on social media and can help establish your company as an authority in the industry. Other video marketing ideas include product demonstrations, testimonials, personal advice, and live streams.


Ready to get started taking your marketing strategy to the next level? Check out all the video marketing advice from Rentspree in the infographic below, and get ready to create your own masterpiece.