Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

2021 is all about integrating AI (artificial intelligence), VSEO (voice search engine optimization), and data-driven digital marketing strategies. For business owners, who are looking for essential ways to thrive and strive in the market while standing out from their competitors, the following digital marketing trends are something they shouldn't be ignored this year.

Understandably, businesses also need the integration of good SEO services, i.e., the SEO Services Singapore. In today's online landscape, if any business intends to stay at the top of SERPs and remain competitive, they need to actively adapt to digital marketing's constant changes. In other words, marketers and entrepreneurs cannot keep their eyes averted from facts and hope that their previously implied methods of the last few years will work forever.

Read on to discover essential marketing trends for 2021 that cannot be ignored this year.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

With 2021 moving forward in full swing, AI is here to remain with us for a long time. AI is integrated at the core of global business industries. If you look at it closely, you will see it taking over many simple jobs, such as Uber's use of K5 Knightscope robots that don't only patrol parking areas but also other outdoor spaces and curb the crime rates effectively.

The integration of AI in the business allows you to assess customer behavior more accurately using data obtained from search patterns and social media platforms. Thus, AI can help businesses comprehend their customer's preferences and provide their clientele with their desired products and services.


VSEO (Voice Search Engine Optimization)

 We are moving towards a touchless society, where people want to be avoiding touching screens to the maximum. It has been estimated that at least 30% of all web searches will be conducted via voice search. As a digital marketer, one should know that at least 40% of all voice search answers are derived from feature snippets. That said, with strong digital marketing strategies, as a business owner, you could be hitting up that much-needed spot.

This aspect is also known as position zero or zero snippet. It is considered the holy grail of today's SEO since this method responds to internet users' queries directly, without requiring them to click on a link. That said, the integration of VSEO in your business digital marketing strategies can give you a competitive edge and boost brand visibility.



Chatbots have gained massive popularity since 2020 and have grown evidently more important in 2021. Chatbots are part of integrating AI technology in digital marketing strategies and integrating instant messages to communicate and respond to customer's quire in real-time 24/7.

Potential buyers hate to wait for their questions to be assessed since we have moved on to the digital age, where everything is available with a single click.

While understanding the importance of chatbots concerning improving customer service and user experience, chatbots are more likely to take over customer service in 2021 by 80%. Among the top benefits of chatbots in digital marketing is an instant response to customer's queries by providing them accurate answers, thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.