Transform Negative Reviews Into Stepping Stones For Success Now

Goodwill and reputation are vital for any organization to gain a successful experience throughout their business activities. Today as we are more focused on transforming almost all functions on a more digitalized platform, so are the customers too. Indeed, be it an individual or a company, being digitally transformed is no more an option but a need of the time.


We all have reached the scenario where customers who go out to the shop to fetch what they want are gradually decreasing while the majority prefer online shopping. However, irrelevant to the fact that the customers shop online or offline, there is an important aspect that forms a silver line on the customers reaching out to you and not to your customers and vice versa. Wondering what that is? Well, as a business organization, there are definitely various marketing strategies that you implement. But still, “Word-Of-Mouth” remains one of the best strategies.


Even today, with digitalization at the forefront, people express their satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction on the review section platform. In fact, as a result of the pandemic, there is an increase of 31% of the customers who read reviews to make the right choice. Have a look at the following image that reveals the latest statistics on how often customers are using the internet to make shopping choices.

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Statistics reveal that about 93% of the customers are willing to trust the organizations and make s shopping choice based on online reviews. And as mentioned in the above image, this activity is carried on every day. But the other statistics also reveal that customers are more likely to leave a review when they are dissatisfied. Refer to the image for the same. 

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With the given situation, where the negative experiences are mostly preferred to be updated by the customers, there is a need for the entrepreneurs to come up with the right strategies to deal with them. If they are not taken care of, there are high chances of losing potential customers just because of one unfortunate mishap. Why give it a chance?

How To Transform The Negative Reviews Into Success Strategies?

A typical notion that “Controversy helps you reach your targeted audience much faster” may not be applicable in all situations. However, when they are dealt with rightly, they indeed have the capability of becoming your assets. In our case, it can even drive more customers as well. At times, criticisms cannot be stopped as they are a part of business growth. But at the same time, once the reputation is lost, it is challenging to rebuild trust among the public.

According to a survey, 87% of the customers read online reviews as much as they seek recommendations from family and friends. Among them, 50% of the customers doubt the quality of a business if they find negative reviews. Hence, there is an undeniable need to work on sorting out the issues on negative reviews. Thus, let us spend the next few minutes understanding how to handle the critic reviews and transform them as a means to grow the business.

Beware Of The Fake Reviews

The first and foremost step in dealing with negative reviews is to ensure that the reviews are from authentic clients or not. Today, businesses are going through significant competition more than in the earlier days. There is a need for a competitive edge to survive in the market. However, there are certain businesses that take up unethical practices to win the existing competition.


But the question is, “How?” Today’s technological development has brought forth a unique and streamlined solution for almost every function and issue of the business. This includes financial software solutions for finance-related issues, online payroll platform for payroll management, CRM or chatbots solutions for customer relation management, and so on.


Similarly, there are tools available for checking online reviews. Take advantage of these tools and identify if the negative review is from your valid customer. If not, report the reviews immediately and clarify the same in public. If the reviews are from your customers, then there are specific strategies needed to rectify them. And hence, follow the next few steps for a better outcome.

Never Overlook The Negative Reviews

It is true that any criticism discomforts the business activities and damages its reputation. At times as an entrepreneur, the most tempting thing to do is ignore the critics and focus on the other important business functions. This way of reacting to the negative reviews is not wrong, but definitely not right either. Because either the ways the result and consequences differ.


Just by overlooking or ignoring the critical reviews will not help the business in any way. Small Business Trends founder and CEO Anita Campbell quotes - “Responding to negative reviews is very essential. Ignoring a bad review will not make it go away. However, responding to customer’s reviews can result in better ratings and improve the business’s online reputation.


In fact, Forbes affirms that about 45% of the customers are willing to revisit a store or would like to continue to be loyal customers if they find the company regularly addressing and solving the negative reviews. Thus, addressing the reviews wisely is sure to result in better ratings as well as contribute to the online reputation of the business.

Provide A Prudent Reply For The Criticism

As discussed earlier, if ignoring is an option to deal with the negative reviews, showing fierce anger through the response to the negative review in order to defend oneself is another option that many follow. But do you think that this is the right choice? Well, it definitely isn’t. As much the right response is important, so is the way you approach in responding to a certain negative review.


Being kind and polite even if there is no mistake on your part pays off really well. Of course, there is no need to take up the whole responsibility for the issue, but being empathetic matters a lot. It is better not to debate or argue with the reviewer. Because arguing with a dissatisfied customer might seem that the complaint is more valid even though it isn’t, and thus leads to an even worse situation presenting you as a lousy enterprise among the public.


Instead, thanking the reviewer and sincerely apologizing for the unexpected mishap is a way of expressing your kind gesture. Sincerity is the key for such situations, says Greg Gifford. According to him, “This kind of language is condescending, and it doesn’t address the problem. But keep in mind that an apology goes a long way, and no one’s perfect. Sometimes, it is better to swallow your pride and apologize, but do it in a sincere way or don’t bother.”


This kind gesture will help you address the situation more prudently and sort out the issue instead of making the situation worse. Did you know that approaching the issue prudently will impact the customers in changing their opinions, and about 33% of the negative reviews are transformed into positive ones? And thus, your kindness and prudent approach in responding to negative reviews help you keep your social reputation under your control.

Try To Get The Reviewer In An Offline Conversation With You

It is agreeable that there are some issues that cannot be sorted out in a public forum. In such situations, it is better to leave a response to the criticism apologizing and asking the customer to contact you personally with relevant details. This approach has two benefits. Firstly, it helps you in creating a good image among the public as you are willing to respond and solve the issue. Secondly, the customers or the public who read the review and the response will develop a positive impression on you as you are considerate about protecting and safeguarding the client’s personal information. And thus, it contributes to your competitive edge.


Rieva Lesonsky states that “If it feels right, taking the issue offline shows that you’re fully willing to handle this situation, and you’re not just apologizing for the show.” Thus, the best strategy is to provide a brief response followed by a kind request to continue the sorting of issues privately. It is even better if you can provide the contact details of whom to be contacted in the review response, so it is clarified as to whom the customer is expected to speak to.


Once the private conversation proceeds, make a sincere effort to do your best in solving the issue. Because there are greater chances for the customers to either delete the negative review or transform them into ones by explaining that the issue is sorted out. Such kinds of reviews have the ability to drive more customers and whatnot. It indeed becomes one of your best word-of-mouth strategies.


Just as success and failure are a part of a business’s growth, entrepreneurship lies in how you face the challenges and overcome your failures. Similarly, do not panic or blame one another for the negative review, as it would lead us nowhere. But its acceptance and apology have the ability to help you reach greater heights. Instead of rebelling, use that negativity as stepping stones to achieve your positive impact among the general public. And remember, lost money can be compensated and earned, but reputation costs your whole business. Thus focus on sincerity, which is always the key to success and gaining an incredible reputation.